Get the latest from GHCC.
Get the latest from GHCC.
Hells Bells, May 2019
Fire season is heating up
Wildfire can be devastating. It's also a natural part of our ecosystem, one our forests evolved in partnership with. We need to learn and re-learn how to function with this force.
This Friday, May 17th, our friends at Mazamas are hosting a presentation, "Emerge Gorgeous: Forests Born in Fire" at the Mazamas Mountaineering Center in Portland. The event begins at 7:00 and is free and open to the public. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to learn from presenters Sara Quinn and Ralph Bloemers. About the presentation: 
"Fire is powerful. Fire is elemental. Fire can and does destroy homes. We all have been impacted by smoke. We all want to find solutions.
The good news is that nature and our elders have a lot of wisdom to share. We just need to listen and be willing to re-imagine our relationship to fire. Join us for this special multi-media presentation about fire. Take to the air, the ground and to the top of the mountain for a visual journey into the past, and see how the amazing forests of the Gorge, Mt. Hood and throughout the West have burned and emerged gorgeous." Learn more here.
Another great source of information about wildfire is Thriving with Fire's Dotty the Owl: Best Kept Secrets of Fire series. These short videos are chock full of relevant facts about wildfire, and lay out some of the ways wildfire is used as a scapegoat for environmentally damaging logging. Learn more and share widely here!
Register today, or enter the Golden Raffle!
There are only a few weeks remaining to register for Hellraiser, a night of fun, fundraising, and advocacy for a wild Greater Hells Canyon Region--and we're running out of tickets. Festivities kick off on June 1st at 5:00 p.m. at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR. We want to meet you there!
Can't attend, but want to support our work WHILE ALSO potentially winning a travel package valued at nearly $4,000? Enter our Golden Raffle today; you do not need to be present to win!
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Calling all Wildlife Watchers
The Wildlife Watchers program tracks wildlife using motion-triggered wildlife trail cameras. In partnership with the Forest Service, we connect volunteers with local forests and native wildlife, and provide important wildlife data to the Forest Service.
Volunteering for our Wildlife Watchers program is a great way to get involved with GHCC. If you are interested in becoming a Wildlife Watchers volunteer this summer, please contact GHCC Restoration Director Brian Kelly.
CdV's Field Notes
Note: If you are interested in volunteering with GHCC and the Nez Perce Fisheries for restoration work on Chesnimnus Creek, please email Christina. Also, the date has been pushed from May 23rd to May 24th. 
Field Notes, 5/8/19: Ode to a Flood
I’ve been thinking a lot about floodplains lately. Most creeks and rivers in the West are channelized to one degree or another: squeezed into a narrow ditch so that they, and the rich benches where they used to deposit their silt, can be used more efficiently for agriculture. Channelization has had major effects on the riparian systems of the West, which evolved to rely on frequent flood disturbance to create channel complexity and redistribute nutrients... (continue reading on the blog.)
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GHCC works to connect, protect, and restore the diverse and beautiful Greater Hells Canyon Region its native species. Your support makes our work possible.  Thank you!
Darilyn Parry Brown, Executive Director 
Upcoming Events
- May 24: Chesnimnus Creek volunteer outing 
- June 1: Hellraiser 2019, Portland OR
Interesting Bits
- A truly disturbing report was issued by the U.N. earlier this month. There are one million plant and animal species on the verge of extinction, on track to be lost forever unless we humans DO SOMETHING to change the way we use and destroy our home. (Dive into the full report here.)
- This Friday, May 17th, is the 13th annual Endangered Species Day. If you are a teacher, the site linked above has resources for how to engage with a classroom on the subject. There also is an annual art contest for students, which, while already completed and judged for 2019, has some beautiful pieces featuring endangered species, all created by students grades K - 12.
- The bleak report from the U.N. brought to the forefront of the discussion an emotion often felt by those working in conservation, but not yet a household term: Climate Grief
Advocate for Travel Management Planning by Reporting Damages on Public Lands
GHCC continues to advocate for Travel Management Planning on National Forests to protect the wild "resources" of our mission area. You can help our important advocacy work by reporting damages to public lands. If you see a meadow destroyed by "mudding," recent activity on a road or trail that is marked as closed, a user-created trail that crosses a stream, etc., please take a photo and use our reporting form to help us provide evidence for the immediate need for travel planning.
Report Damages
Sponsor of the Month:
Thank you to the Meyer Memorial Trust for funding our Wild Connections work!
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