September 2023 newsletter
September 2023 newsletter
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September 2023
There are many reasons why people come to De La Salle North Catholic. Some families come in search of a different, more positive school experience and a quality education for their students. Staff come in search of a place they can make an impact and feel valued for the work they do. Many companies join our mission because they know our students are hardworking, resilient, and not just vital to our economy but a necessary voice for progress. Whatever the reason for coming, they stay because they find those reasons, goals, and hopes realized here as well as hundreds of others that they didn’t even know they wanted or needed. They stay because of the sense of family, and community, and because this is a special place that makes God’s work visible and tangible. Providence has led our staff, families, corporate partners, donors, and countless community members to this school. 
As for me, I was the first in my family to graduate high school, obtain a college degree, and escape poverty. I paved the way for my younger siblings, my own children, my nieces and nephews, and countless others in future generations. It was a hard road to be the first. It was an alienating process often filled with what seemed like insurmountable obstacles. I stay at De La Salle North Catholic to help studentsoften with similar backgrounds as minebe their family’s first success story and be the transformational change in their own families. I thank every family, staff, and community member for helping us in our audacious mission. 
Maria Cabrera
Interim Principal
Students Return to Work—Including Freshmen! 
On September 12 our sophomore class launched our Corporate Work Study (CWS) program for this school year by boarding DLSNC vans heading to job sites all over the Portland metro area. The challenges of the past several years have dramatically impacted CWS, and one adaptation has been that freshmen have not had jobs but rather a business skills course on campus. So it is indeed thrilling to resume a robust CWS experience for all four DLSNC grade levelsfreshmen through seniors!
The Operation 100% Employment Task Force that we convened last year has yielded some wonderful results, increasing the number of new as well as returning partners dramatically. Students are working in a wide variety of industries including architecture, health services, finance, law, and engineering. We are so grateful for the amazing support from our 84 partner companies as well as the generous contributions of our Task Force volunteers. What an exciting year lies ahead for all who are participatingboth students and corporate partners!
Books and More Books at DLSNC
Longtime DLSNC English teacher, Marie Argento, observed something while a graduate student that sparked a dream for hera small classroom library offering students proximity to free choice reading options and promoting a reading culture. Many years later that dream has become not just a three-shelf reality as it was in her DLSNC classroom at the Kenton building but 80+ shelves of books. With funding from the Enkel Foundation and several individual donors, plus a significant educational discount and assistance from A Children’s Place Bookstore and Powells, Ms. Argento (aided by many other faculty and staff) set up a library for our new campus!
The new classroom library in room 116 is a game-changer for DLSNC students. “Because we have such a diverse school, a class text can never address every kid in the class. With the library, we give kids more opportunities to find a personal mirroring experience in their free choice reading,” commented Ms. Argento. 
Joyce Gyabu ‘25 shared, “It’s made life easier for me because now I don’t have to spend hours at the public library going through books. I normally get 10 at a time. Now I can stay here and figure out what I like, and my mom doesn’t have to worry about where I am.” Joaquin Vidales’ ‘25 reading tastes run toward 19th-century novels like The Brothers Karamazov. “I like to read books about real life, and there was a lot of real stuff going on back then,” Joaquin explained. “There are some books here in the library that I’ve been wanting to read for a long time, and I’m really glad that I’ll finally get to read them.”
Silver Falls Environmental Science Learning Adventure
Twenty adventurous Environmental Science students and three DLSNC science teachers spent two days this month at Silver Falls State Park, engaging in hands-on learning activities in the ancient forest. 
The weather was glorious, and we went on several hikes to learn about forest and stream ecology. Students caught macroinvertebrates in a creek to determine the health of the stream ecosystem and learned about the importance of beavers as ecosystem engineers in a beaver dam-building competition. 
The students reflected on their relationship with nature and our changing climate, then gathered data to determine the level of biodiversity in the old-growth forest as compared with an area changed by humans. Students also played a predator/prey game in the field and forest and analyzed the data gathered from the game, performed skits around the campfire, and saw the night sky covered in stars from a large open meadow.
This was an awesome opportunity for all of us to engage in hands-on learning and to build community and stronger relationships with nature and with each other. We are grateful to Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center for providing this unique opportunity. 
“The best thing was being out in nature with my classmates while observing and enjoying such a biodiverse place.” Monica Lopez-Hernandez '24
“I didn’t know that trees could talk to each other through mushrooms.” Perla Rolon '24
“The best thing about the field trip was learning about the environment.” Ben Fitzgibbon '24
--Anne Myrthue, Science Teacher 
DLSNC’s New Campus Wins Prestigious Architecture Award
Anyone who has spent a few minutes at our building on NE Killingsworth knows that it is a winner. Light, flow, functionality, beautyall of these qualities align to make it an exceptional learning environment and valued permanent home for the school. Now our building has gained architectural industry kudos as one of the 14 winners of Restore Oregons 2023 DeMuro Award. The DeMuro Awards are the state’s highest honors for the preservation and reuse of existing structures.
In an extensive search for a new home, DLSNC found the 1950 parish school of St. Charles Church in NE Portland’s Cully neighborhood in 2018. Bora Architecture & Interiors, which had prior affinity for DLSNC’s mission as a participant in its Corporate Work Study program, was selected in the RFP process due to its vision for the abundant potential of the St. Charles site. Bora led a team to revitalize the existing 30,000 square-foot structure, out of service as a school since the 1980s, adding on an additional 21,000 square feet of Commons and gymnasium, and creating a welcoming central courtyard nestled between the old and the new. 
For the DeMuro award, the DLSNC renovation and addition were spotlighted particularly for reuse, equity, and affordability. Congratulations to Bora, St. Charles, and all of the other team members involved in the design and construction of our wonderful new home!
Selfie with a Supervisor!
For the first time in several years, all four grade levels at De La Salle North Catholic are working five days per month in local businesses across the gamut of industries. To celebrate the robust return of our integral Corporate Work Study (CWS) program, we’re launching a regular feature to take a peek into the experience, from both a student’s perspective as well as that of his or her supervisor. 
We are proud to welcome back Daimler Truck North America, as a corporate partner this year. Violet Whaley ‘25 is working in the company’s litigation department, supervised by Kirsten Abel, Corporate Counsel Attorney, and Sara Dorland, Paralegal.
How do you think you’ll grow this year as a supervisor of a DLSNC student associate?
I just am excited about Violet’s fresh perspective on everything. She certainly is smarter than I was at her age. So confident and frank–she didn’t hesitate to give me an opinion about a slide presentation I prepared. Honestly, I think I’m really going to grow and learn a lot from her about today’s world. We want this to be a great experience for Violet and hope to be expanding our participation into other departments in the future. (Sara Dorland)
What cool elements about Daimler are you excited to introduce Violet to?
I’m so excited to introduce her to trucks. I know that sounds kind of silly, but semi-trucks are so much fun. Nothing in this country can happen without trucks, and the technology that goes into building them is mind-blowing. I feel a lot of pride when I see one of our trucks out on the freeway, and they are everywhere! Also, I want her to know that working for a corporation can be a positive thing, to learn that Daimler is a good company, doing good things. (Sara Dorland)
How do you think you’ll grow this year working as a student associate at Daimler Truck?
From what I’ve seen so far in the litigation department, I’m being exposed to its daily tasks and also being asked to take on responsibility. I’m excited to learn more about the legal profession and see if it’s something I might want to follow. I’m getting a realistic demonstration about what I might be doing if I choose that career path. (Violet Whaley '25)
What was your favorite part of your first day on the job?
Immediately when I arrived I got to sit in on a quarterly town hall Zoom meetingit was full of Daimler employees, in the US and internationally too. Even as a student associate, I’m getting to see the inner workings of a global company, being one piece of the puzzle and actually feeling like I can contribute. I’m really excited because I’m getting work designated to me, and it seems like I’ll be treated as a young professional employee. (Violet Whaley ‘25)
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