Get Festive with Holiday Music, Entertaining Tips, Dessert Ideas, and More
Get Festive with Holiday Music, Entertaining Tips, Dessert Ideas, and More
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  December 2022  
Holiday Hours
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On Top of the World
A drone captures Mount Everest as never before, giving you a stunning look at the beauty of the highest point on earth.
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Queen of Christmas
With nearly 250 million views, Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" has been a holiday hit for 22 years.
Give the Gift of Whole Home, Fast Internet This Holiday Season!

Managed Wi-Fi

Does your home have several internet users in it? Between each household member's devices, gaming systems and your holiday guests, your wi-fi may be getting a lot of use! Knowing the best way to maximize your router will be extremely important. Even better, we have the solution to make sure that everyone is getting fast, reliable and clear wi-fi connections with our Hamilton Managed Wi-Fi Powered by Plume Home Pass®.

What is Hamilton Managed Wi-Fi?

Hamilton Managed Wi-Fi gives you fast, reliable, consistent internet throughout the home and the ability to monitor and protect the devices connected to your network.

Wi-Fi Extender What makes Hamilton Managed Wi-Fi so great?

One of our favorite features, Control™, allows you to give access to guests and family members based on their needs. You can create guest passwords with expiration dates for extra security and you can decide which devices users can access. You also have the ability to restrict access to internet only or give access to the Smart TV and printer as well.

When it comes to security for younger users, having Control™ over what they can access, use and view is extremely important. With the ability to see who is using what, it gives you peace of mind.

Fast, reliable, consistent internet throughout the home.

Ultra-fast, perfectly consistent connectivity across every room is the ultimate gift. Hamilton Managed Wi-Fi provides extended wireless coverage and dead zone reduction while allowing multiple devices to be on the network streaming video, uploading photos and downloading movies. Now that is what we call a silent night.

Ready to get all set up for the holidays and start the new year off at lightning speeds? Contact us at 402-694-5101 to get set up!

* Hamilton Managed Wi-Fi by Plume available to customers with Hamilton Fiber to the Home Internet.
Are You Owed Money?  
Are You Owed Money?
Every state has unclaimed property programs to find owners of forgotten and lost assets. See if there's money waiting for you.
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How to Remove Stains  
How to Remove Stains
Life's messy — especially during the busy holiday season. Visit this site to learn how to get all kinds of stains out of clothing.
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Get Entertaining Tips  
Get Entertaining Tips
Stylemakers share advice for stress-free entertaining, including how to prepare your home for guests and plan the menu.
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10 Christmas Dinner Ideas
Impress your guests around the table with these amazing recipes for entrees and side dishes. They're sure to delight!
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15 Holiday Desserts
Sweeten the season by treating friends and family to these scrumptious — and beautifully decorated — desserts.
Pocket Casts  
Pocket Casts
Pocket Casts will introduce you to podcast content you'll fall in love with, and help you manage it all with ease.
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Get fast and unbiased search results and earn points toward rewards when you search for the info you need.
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Whether you're planning ahead or already on a trip, this app offers reviews, guidance, and recommendations.
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Festive Outdoor Planter
Learn to make a gorgeous winter planter to add natural beauty to your front door area during the holidays and beyond.
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Unique Gift Wrap Ideas
Why settle for gift bags when you can take your gift wrap game to the next level? Follow the video to wrap like a pro.
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