Celebrate milestones with your St. Luke's family.
Celebrate milestones with your St. Luke's family.
The monthly "St. Luke's Celebrates" newsletter helps St. Lukers connect to one another as we navigate life together. 
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On September 19, Lorenzo Gabriel Oliva was baptized. Joining the baptism was family including his mother Summer and father Melvin. Welcome to our St. Luke's family, Lorenzo!
On September 19, Grady Tillman Watson was baptized. Joining the baptism was family including his moms; Lindsey and Ande and sister Palmer. Welcome to our St. Luke's family, Grady!
On September 19, Abigail Elise Curll was baptized. Joining the baptism was family including her mother Laura and father Travis. Welcome to our St. Luke's family, Abigail!
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St. Luker Richard Knuth passed away on July 15. Richard and his wife, Nancy have been members since the early '90s. Richard was devoted to his faith and family. A service was held for Richard on August 7.
St. Luker Kathy Levreault passed away on August 31. Kathy was a long-time member of St. Luke's and an integral part in the formation of the Children's ministry and was involved in several other ministries. A memorial service was held on September 18 in the Sanctuary.
Charter member Betty Wilroy passed away on August 26. Betty and her husband Bob both were a part of St. Luke’s since our beginnings. Betty was active in women’s Bible study for many years. A private family service was held on September 8.
Barbara (Barb) Bates passed away on August 28. She was a longtime member and devoted mother to Sue Chukker and her entire family. She was a very strong and independent woman who worked tirelessly for her rights and the rights of women everywhere. A small family service was held on September 2 in the Sanctuary.
Phyllis Foote, the mother of Shelley Hurst and mother-in-law to Phillip Hurst passed away on September 2. Phyllis was a long-time regular attendee and loved being a part of our congregation. A service for Phyllis was held on September 10.
St. Luke's Child Development Center (CDC) Celebrates Fall
The CDC is already jumping right into fall activities that meet 4-year-old benchmarks. Students have been measuring, graphing, exploring, and gaining new information each day as they learn about being scientists.
St. Luke’s youth appears on American Ninja Warrior Junior
St. Luker Aaron Deal, son of Beth and Jeff Deal, appeared on the Peacock Network program; American Ninja Warrior Junior on September 9. This is the youth version of the adult show on NBC. Kid's from all over the county applied and just a few were chosen to compete. Congratulations Aaron!
St. Luker Anna Shannin qualifies as a 2022 National Merit Scholar Semifinalist
Anna, a senior at Olympia High School and a graduate of the St. Luke's Child Development Center is the daughter of Nick and Carol Shannin and sister to Jake. 
She is a part of the St. Luke's Hearts to Hands group and has crocheted over 125 baby hats for Winnie Palmer Hospital. Anna is pictured above with some members of the Hearts to Hands group. Congratulations Anna!
Celebrating the Anniversary of Grow It Forward’s FIRST Farm; Sponsor Pam Thomas of Pammies Sammies
Pam Thomas, long-time St. Luker and owner of Pammies Sammies, is celebrating 1 year of partnership with Grow It Forward. Pam was there the day we broke ground and remains a weekly customer of St. Luke’s Farm. 
Pam has always wanted to grow fresh, local food for her restaurant and catering business. When she heard about using St. Luke’s land to grow food, she was all in. From co-leading germination workshops to cooking demos at the farm, Pam is a hands-on contributor. Several of her employees jumped on board helping to prepare the land and teach a workshop on growing sprouts. Pam’s team converted an old trailer to a “sprout house” which continues to be a place to learn, grow and make profitable sprouts for the network.
If you go to Pammies Sammies, you will find St. Luke’s Farm produce in drinks and salads: edible flowers, sunflower sprouts, cubanelle peppers, fresh mint, and basil.
Visit Pammies Sammies located at 121 S. Boyd Street in Winter Garden where their motto is: Feed the Soul, Craft with Love, Serve From the Heart.
This month's featured Staff Shout Out goes to
St. Luke's Creative Producer, Ben Adams

Ben always says YES! His willingness to help with projects big and small, sharing his knowledge, resources, and brainstorming creative ideas are all so greatly appreciated. Congratulations Ben!
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