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Expansion Updates!

IN!'s vision has always been to see students with ID be welcomed on college campuses as inclusive pathways become part of the fabric of all colleges and universities throughout Colorado. The passage of HB22-1107 last year has allowed IN! to take another step toward that vision. The legislation provided the means for IN! to create a grant program, allowing colleges and universities from across the state to apply for the critical funding needed to establish inclusive higher education pathways. 
We are thrilled to announce that the first of three grant cycles is complete and we have our first two grant recipients: CSU & MSU Denver!

The CSU RAM Scholar Program

IN! awarded Colorado State University (CSU) with a full five years of funding to establish the CSU Ram Scholar Program. Launching in Fall of 2024, CSU will take an innovative approach to inclusive higher education with a focus on career skills in agriculture. 
Inclusive higher education for students with intellectual disabilities is a critical component of CSU’s vision, however, until now have not had the opportunity or funding to fully implement this important college option. 

CSU understands that in Colorado agricultural careers are in a high-demand, growth industry and the Ram Scholar program hopes to fill this important need. The Ram Scholar Program will prioritize experiential learning and offer students the opportunity to learn about many different aspects of agriculture, including
  • agri-technology and agri-science,
  • industrial trades in agriculture,
  • post-harvest crop processing and storage,
  • floriculture care and design,
  • greenhouse management and operations, and
  • animal behavior and animal welfare.  
Dean Pritchett said "I am confident that Ram Scholars will become an important initiative in making a difference for adults with IDD, for agriculture and related sciences, and the state of Colorado. The College of Agricultural Sciences at CSU is excited to be a partner in this future success."

Congrats to CSU and the Ram Scholars team! We cannot wait to partner with you to establish the RAM Scholar Program and be a part of your work to provide such needed opportunities to so many prospective college students!  
This summer, CSU piloted their first summer internship program, check out the students working in the agriculture field. Such a great preview into all that is to come!

The MSU Denver Inclusive Higher Education Solutions Program

IN! awarded Metropolitan State University of Denver initial funding to continue the development of the Inclusive Higher Education Solutions program (IHES).

During the development, IHES and IN! will be working closely to bring their vision of inclusive higher education to fruition. MSU Denver defines inclusive education as valuing every student because of their strengths, gifts, and challenges. "It is our goal to transform accessibility and inclusion at MSU Denver" - The IHES program.

IHES at MSU Denver will support a comprehensive four-year curriculum that includes coursework in general studies, personal development, concentrations of coursework in a student’s area of interest, and employment training.

MSU Denver is a Minority Serving Institution (MSI) and aspires to become a model MSI by creating and sustaining initiatives that support students as they achieve their academic goals and prepare for their careers. MSU Denver is uniquely positioned to provide even further opportunities to students with intellectual disabilities including those from BIPOC and low income communities. 
We are thrilled to continue to work with MSU Denver and their IHES team to develop another opportunity in Colorado for students with intellectual disabilities to achieve their college dreams!
Check out this video - inclusive higher education and it's expansion was recently featured on the news

What's Next?

IN! is excited to announce the Inclusive Higher Education Opportunities Grant, funded by House Bill 22-1107, is preparing for two more grant cycles.
  1. From now until September 1st, we are accepting applications from existing inclusive higher education programs to expand their programming.
  2. In January 2024, we will be opening a third grant application period to colleges and universities across the state that want to establish additional inclusive higher education programs. This grant cycle will focus specifically on offering programs in rural, Western Slope and Community College settings. 
You can stay up to date on all grant program details here
We are honored to do the work we do and beyond excited to be able to provide these opportunities so every student with an intellectual disability in Colorado has the chance to pursue their college dream! 
Thank you for following along, supporting, and advocating for continued expansion across Colorado. 
We invite you to give to our mission and help us continue opening doors and paving paths to inclusive higher education in our state.
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