Let’s Spring into Summer!
Let’s Spring into Summer!
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Forest Focus
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Spring/Summer 2023
A forested stream flows past large, moss covered rocks that shine in the sunlight. Trees and shrubs fill the stream bank in the background.
The welcome vibrance of spring at the George Wertz Tract, William Penn State Forest, Berks County

Let’s Spring into Summer!

Welcome to the DCNR Bureau of Forestry’s spring/summer 2023 edition of Forest Focus! In this issue, readers will find articles on wild leek research, invasive species, cultural resources, beech leaf disease, and other interesting information.
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A map of pennsylvania is dividedinto counties with atwo color coded sections. Text: Bureau of Forestry Regions Chris Nicholas Jason Hall

The Bureau of Forestry’s New Leadership Structure

The Bureau of Forestry has recently undertaken leadership realignment to better serve the Commonwealth and meet management needs.
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A mass of foliage fills the ground. Different plants are growing together in a dense layer. Most have thin,pointed leaflets.

Invasive Plant Awareness

Invasive plants can significantly alter our native ecosystems, negatively impacting biodiversity.
Left unchecked, they can blanket entire areas in monocultural deserts. Worse, invasive plants can alter soil chemistry and local ecology, setting the stage for other invasive species to follow.
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A tall, stone structure with four sides that taper towards the top sits outsoors in a park. Large openings at the base. A paved path, wooden fences, and an informational sign are in front.

Cultural and Historical Resources Management

DCNR’s cultural and historical resources program began working with state parks and state forests in April 2021. From the start, the program mission has been to balance the needs of parks and forests with the benefits of preserving, contextualizing, and managing our public heritage resources.
From a functional standpoint, the focus has been to identify or build tools to enable our agency to do this effectively and at a broader scale than past efforts.
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Looking upowards at a tall tree standing in a forest.

Beware of Beech Leaf Disease

Beech leaf disease is a disease complex associated with a newly recognized foliar nematode subspecies, Litylenchus crenate mccannii, and was first identified on American beech in Ohio in 2012.
Beech leaf disease was first detected in Pennsylvania in 2016 in Erie and Crawford counties and has quickly expanded to now occupy 65 of 67 counties. The disease damages beech leaves, reduces vigor, and eventually leads to tree mortality.
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From the
Pinchot Desk 

Ellen Shultzabarger, State Forester

As the weather warms and we see renewed growth in our wild places, we welcome you to the newest edition of Forest Focus! In each edition we aim to provide timely topics about our forests and their management.
This edition features articles on invasive species, cultural resources, beech leaf disease, and the new leadership structure for the Bureau of Forestry. We hope you enjoy reading as we strive to ensure the health, productivity, and resilience of our state’s forest resources. We also hope you take time to enjoy the beauty of spring that Penn’s Woods always deliver!  
Yours in forest conservation—Ellen 
Small, green plants cover the forest floor in early spring, the sun filling the entire forest.

The Research Report: Wild Leeks

What do you do when you have a question? You search for answers. Scientific research helps the Bureau of Forestry answer questions and helps guide actions on state forest land.  
This Research Report is focusing on a wild leek study.
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Each Friday, the Bureau of Forestry provides a unique and informative article on a forest related topic.
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