March 30, 2021 | Volume 109 | No. 36
March 30, 2021 | Volume 109 | No. 36
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Rotary Club of Oklahoma City

OKC Rotary News

March 30, 2021 | Volume 109 | No. 36
In-Person and Livestreamed from Christian Life Center - St. Luke's United Methodist Church | 11:55   
4-1 Club 29 Breakfast - RSVP 

RSVP to attend in-person at st. luke's

RSVP Required - Maximum 100

To view online: live stream available at St. Luke's

LIVE at 11:55
Please remember to register your attendance, and make your meal credit choice in the form during the livestream.  The form is located in the action tab.
If any need technology help accessing the live stream, reach out to the office for assistance.

Rotary Club of Oklahoma City COVID-19 Preparedness Plan  

mcgirt v. oklahoma

Mike Hunter was elected as Oklahoma’s eighteenth attorney general on November 6, 2018. As attorney general, he has made the safety and security of all Oklahomans one of his top priorities. 

Determined to end the state’s opioid overdose and addiction epidemic, his office has taken a multidisciplinary approach to solving the problem.
Shortly after taking office, he formed the Oklahoma Commission on Opioid Abuse. The commission brought all stakeholders to the table and saw seven pieces of legislation become law in 2018. The laws give more tools to law enforcement personnel, prevents the diversion of opioid prescriptions from flooding the market and holds distributors, manufacturers and businesses accountable through proper oversight.



Susan Agel


David Hooten, Trumpeter


Bart Binning
Patti Davis
Grilled Chicken Caesar salad wrap or turkey club wrap with chips, strawberries, cookie 
In the News
If you have good news - honors, awards, new achievements - to share with the club, please let us know!


Inside Look at Wall and Broadway

 by John Frost
 Lately, many investors have been exposed to new terms and techniques which are used by Wall Street Firms and many investors do not know what or how these terms apply to “the market” for stocks. Let’s start with the term “order flow”. Most people cannot explain what the term “order flow” means with respect to the money earned (or, in some cases, unearned) by a number of firms, and you know who these “no commission”, “no fee”, “no charge” and discount trading firms are.
To understand, one has to go back to the workings of an auction market. In a typical auction, there are two parties vying to trade a particular stock, bond, option or derivative. There is an offer or ask price and a bid price which are different, one being higher than the other. This is the spread. For any security, this difference may be very narrow or it may be quite large. Usually, stocks are purchased at the “ask” price and sellers must be content with the “bid” price. Both the bid and ask move up or down, causing, the spread to narrow or widen depending on the audience participating in any transaction representing volume and frequency. This assumes that there is a security available for trading. Traditionally, the order flow was controlled by a specialist or specialist firm which maintains an orderly market. This is supervised by the various exchanges. The key to making money is the spread. If a specialist acts as a market maker, as these discount firms do, they “match” the buys and sells in house at the posted price but keep the spread. In other words, they “earn” the spread that they make. There have evolved computer programs which can instantaneously survey all the market makers and choose the one with the narrowest spread or the widest spread. Which market maker chosen for the order flow is determined by the discount broker. A good broker will seek the narrowest spread but the door is wide open for an abuse of the system. You may draw your own conclusions.


Club 29 Breakfast

April 1, 2021
Quail Creek Country Club | 7:00am
RSVP Required - 20 Maximum
Deadline - Today! 

world community service reports

Malaria Partners International - Striving to elimnate Malaria Worldwide
With Polio "Nearly" eradicated, we now strive to tackle the next preventable worldwide killer.

Malaria is seen by many as the next worst, widespread disease that is impacting the world – after polio.  Malaria is a mosquito borne blood disease.  In simplest terms, it has the most severe impact on children 5-years old and younger, as millions of the youngest children have died.  For adults, it has the impact of a very bad case of the flu, thus resulting in mothers who cannot care for their children and fathers who cannot go to work to pay for food for their families.

To address this head on, Malaria Partners International (MPI) was created by Rotarians to fight Malaria on a worldwide scale. Founded by Seattle Rotary Club 4, MPI now involves more than 40 other Rotary Clubs and significant partners in the international health field. MPI’s efforts first focused on the African country of Zambia and are now spreading to other African countries including The Gambia, Tanzania, and Uganda.

MPI on the Ground

The MPI approach to attacking malaria is unique, using lessons learned from polio eradication programs to trace and target hotspots of malaria outbreaks. The Zambia project has focused directly on the training and equipping of over 1,250 village health care workers who can test for and treat malaria at the local level, impacting over 625,000 local residents.

Another major aspect of the Zambia project is the effective partnership with the national government in the work.  This government involvement provides the long-term sustainability that will make this effort endure through the years.


Virtual Rotary AfterHours April 13, 2021 | 5:30-6:30pm  
featuring a tour of the current state of the First National Center
Register in advance to receive the Zoom link

Roving Microphone Handlers Needed

If you are interested in circulating the microphone for questions at the weekly in-person  Tuesday luncheon meetings, please let us know by choosing a luncheon meeting date. 

Don't Wait to Nominate.. NOW is time to Nominate a New Rotarian

Membership is the life blood of Rotary Club 29.  The membership recruitment committee, co-chaired by Jane Jenkins and Janet Vernon, are giving all Club 29 Rotarians an incentive to nominate new members!  Starting February 8, 2021 for every nomination that converts into membership with entrance fee and dues paid, the lead sponsor will receive a $100 gift card from either a Good Egg or Hal Smith restaurant.  
The nomination form can be found in the "members" section of the website   Requirements for membership and submission form can be found => Online Nomination Form

Online Attendance Form includes a Meal Credit Option

Please remember to register your attendance and make your meal credit choice during the livestream.  The link to the form will appear in the "chat" area, but also the form is located in the "action" tab.  If viewing on a computer, the action tab is on the upper right. If viewing from a phone, the tab is in the 3 drill down on the upper left. The meeting goes live at 11:55.  The link to view the livestream is the same every week:
Amazon will donate .5% of qualified purchases to the Rotary 29 Foundation.  No fees, no extra cost! Sign up for personal AND business accounts TODAY! - Search for Rotary Club 29 Foundation

Or Scan the QR Code in the photo (you can use the camera on your phone)   

Rotary Club 29 Online Directory

Rotary Club 29 has an online membership directory which contains current content information for all club members. The link to access the Club 29 directory can be found at the top of  the home page of or by clicking  here.
OKC Rotary has provided this tool as a convenience  to help members stay in touch with one another. The online directory,  just like the printed roster, should only be used for Rotary purposes.  If you need help in accessing the directory
, please email the office.


2020-2021 Program Schedule

April 6, 2021 -  Erika Lucas, Brian Byrnes - Building a Collaborative Community
Chair of the Day:  Gail Huneryager

April 13, 2021 -  J.D. Baker - Special Assistant to the Mayor, Oklahoma City
Jr. Rotarian Graduation Day
Chair of the Day: Jr. Rotarian

New Address for the Rotary Office

Rotary Club of Oklahoma City
625 N.W. 13th St.  Ste 105
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Phone number will remain the same.
Contact email:
Executive Director Megan Law -
Membership Services  Cheryl Byrd -


March 23, 2021 
In-Person and Online - 123 

Total Present and Makeup:  No Attendance requirement

March 25,  2021 - 562

Celebrating Years of Service in Rotary Club 29

These Rotarians  have been members of Club 29 from 40 years to 1 year.


Happy birthday to those Rotarians born in March!

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