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Pasadena Family Dentistry is always looking for fun

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The Fairy-Tale Beginning of ADL: A Dedicated Partner of Pasadena

If you’ve ever received a crown, denture, implant restoration, or another dental prosthetic from our office, chances are it was from the hardworking and incredibly talented people over at Anderson Dental Lab, or ADL for short.

The lab was initially founded by Norman and Okie Anderson, two individuals whom Dr. Holmes, Dr. Revel, and Dr. Lowery have gotten to know over many years. In fact, Pasadena Family Dentistry has been purchasing restorations from ADL for over three decades now!

Anderson Dental Lab today
Prior to opening ADL, Norman was employed at Monsanto Chemical Company, while Okie was at Houston Natural Gas in Texas City. After marrying in 1956, they had two children six years later named Phyllis and Mark.

Not much later, Norman encouraged Okie to quit her job and enroll in classes at the University of Houston to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. Following graduation and securing a teaching position, Okie would return the favor and encourage Norman to quit his job to pursue his dream – making teeth!

In 1976, Norman founded Anderson Dental Laboratory. Here, he would not only provide countless patients with highly personalized and functional dental restorations but be joined by his son, Mark. He would go on to become a highly skilled dental technician himself as well as a part-owner of the family business.

Following her retirement, Okie would also join ADL and remain there for 15 years. There, she established a strong clerical foundation and supported the technical ends of the business. After Norman retired, he left Mark and his wife Denice in full ownership of ADL, giving him and Okie a chance to relax after many decades of service to the community.

Mark and Denice would go on to have two children themselves, Ryan and Rachel. Not much longer after graduating from A&M University in College Station, Ryan would leave his new position at ExxonMobil in Houston before he even started in order to join ADL as well.
Ryan Anderson
As a result, three generations of the Anderson family left their mark on the family business! After about six months at ADL, Ryan knew he also wanted to dedicate his career to helping others smile. Ten years later, he has become a part-owner and highly skilled dental technician just like his father and his grandfather before him.

Today, Ryan maintains the technical end of the lab, while Denice runs the clerical department. His father Mark keeps a close watch on the lab’s overall operation, ensuring every restoration that comes to Pasadena Family Dentistry is perfect. The wonderful quality and personal service they’ve given to us and our patients is truly second-to-none.

We’re also proud to share that Mrs. Anderson has become a skilled artist whose work has just been requested by the Library of Congress! To view her art for yourself, you can visit her website.
Graphite drawing titled "[love] does not rejoice in iniquity…” 1 Corinthians 13:6 from Okie's A Pursuit of Equality collection. 
One of Norman and Okie’s greatest accomplishments in their 66 years of marriage has been knowing that Anderson Dental Laboratory, Inc still is, after almost 50 years, a successfully owned and operated family business.
Okie and Norman Anderson
Following his recent passing at the age of 87, Norman noted in his own words he had “a long, good run” and will be remembered fondly for his many years of hard work and dedication not just as a dental technician, but a loving and caring father, grandfather, and husband.

Whenever you receive a restoration at Pasadena Family Dentistry, know that generations of care and attention are being put into your smile. If you are in need of a restoration yourself, we’d love to help you get precisely what you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment today!

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