Jennifer (Pascal's sister) and Pascal rocking it at Nickleback (2015)

Remembering Pascal Erickson

It has been our pleasure to be part of the community and family that know and love Pascal Erickson We received the heart breaking news that Pascal died on Thursday December 8, 2022. We send our condolences to Pascal’s family and friends. We want to honour her bright spirit by sharing this bio Pascal wrote in 2015.
Pascal Erickson  – Just Sayin…….
I graduated from Campbell Collegiate in 2005. Since April 12th, 2007, I have been conducting my life from Wascana Rehabilitation Centre in Regina. People say I am an excellent conductor, organizing and scheduling things I want in my life. I love music, especially country and rock. My dad and I are regulars at the Craven Country Music Jamboree. Recently, my sister Jennifer and I rocked at the Nickelback concert in Saskatoon.

Some of my favourite things are chocolate, photography, painting, reading medical text books, researching on the web, visiting with friends, Camp Easter Seal, playing cribbage, Astonished! events, and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I have a serious case of ‘Rider Pride’. I keep connected to my family and friends, my music, and my Internet research though my iPad and iPhone. They are always on my chair tray.

Some of my favourite Astonished! events include the Halloween Howl and the annual Fundraising event. Both have great food, drink, and music, all things I love.

Because I spend a long time in my power chair, and this can be uncomfortable, my perfect day begins between 9:30 and 10:00 with breakfast in bed. With the assistance of Wascana staff I get ready for my day. I need this support but adjusting to the lack of privacy in a large institution can be challenging. I find it frustrating when staff and other residents think they know everything about me.

I am currently working with the recreation coordinator at Wascana to come up with a volunteer placement that would bring together several of my interests.

I often say, ‘just sayin’ and several people in the Astonished!  community have adopted this phrase.

Melissa Turbuck, Sean Davis, Shaun Silzer, Kelsey Culbert, Tanisha Beaudry

A! Leadership Team

Under the mentorship of the Astonished Program Coordinator, Astonished! contracts with a four-member team of vibrant young adults, with and without complex physical disAbilities, to plan and carry out inclusive, social, recreational, and cultural events for Astonished! Core Members and the wider community (Social Club Events).

We are delighted to have Sean Davis, Shaun Silzer, Kelsey Culbert, and Tanisha Beaudry on the Leadership Team for the fall of 2022, and winter and spring of 2023. They have been coming up with a variety of opportunities for the Astonished! Core Members. Check out our Events calendar for upcoming opportunities.

A! Social Club

It was a fun Movie Night on Campus for The January Social Club Event. We had serious popcorn popping.

Thank-you to the City of Regina | Municipal Government for the Social Development Grant which partially funds our monthly Social Club events!

Thank You

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from City of Regina  Social Development Grant – Annual Activity for the ongoing work of Astonished! Social Club.

What's Your Style Dance

'What's Your Style?' Dance Nights are always a BLAST! It is great to laugh, get our groove on, and have fun amongst friends! 

Thanks to the City of Regina | Municipal Government for another great collaboration on January 26, 2023.

University of Regina Practicum Students

Each semester we have University of Regina students join our team. It is a mutually beneficial opportunity to learn together. We are happy to introduce you to Makayla Bodnar, Zain Khan, and Amanda LaRose. Thank you, Makayla, Zain, and Amanda for your work with Astonished! 

Makayla Bodnar

Hi there! My name is Makayla Bodnar and I am completing my fieldwork term at Astonished! I am a fourth year student at the University of Regina and am working towards my Bachelor of Kinesiology degree with a major in Human Kinetics. In my spare time I love listening to music, expressing myself through artwork, playing volleyball and flag football, and spending time with my friends and family. I have always had a passion for helping others and that passion has both led me to Astonished! and motivated me to pursue a career in physiotherapy so I can make a difference in the lives of those around me. Working at Astonished! has been such an amazing opportunity for me. I have met so many kind and unique individuals, and I have learned so much more than I would have expected. I look forward to what I am certain will be an amazing rest of the semester!

Zain Khan

Zain Khan is currently in his 4th year of Kinesiology at the University of Regina. He heard about Astonished! through one of his professors, who is also the executive director of Astonished!. Zain began getting more involved with Astonished! when he participated in the Astonished! annual Walk and Roll last December. This made him interested in applying as a fieldwork student for Astonished! for the Winter 2023 semester.  

He is very excited to join the Astonished team and hopes he can contribute to help sustain and expand the program and make a lasting difference through his special project.
Zain is exploring adaptive and inclusive physical activity, recreation, and sport and leisure. He plans to asks core members about their previous experiences with leisure and do some presentations on recreation and leisure opportunities in Regina.  In his free time, Zain enjoys playing sports and spending time with his friends and family.

Amanda LaRose

My name is Amanda LaRose, and I am in the final year of my bachelor of health studies degree.
I am grateful to work with Astonished! for my fieldwork this semester. I have enjoyed my experience these past couple of weeks and getting to know everyone at Astonished!.
I currently work as a multiple program worker at Ranch Ehrlo. In my free time, I enjoy travelling, going to concerts, and spending time with friends and family. I am hoping to use my experience with Astonished! towards a career in public health.  

The Sex Positivity Project

This project will create space for young adults living with complex physical disabilities (Core Members) to share their thoughts on sexuality and sex positivity as lived in a complex body. Self-care, self-pleasure, healthy relationships, gender identity, sexual identity, safe sex, and accommodating sexual experiences will be discussed. This project will identify gaps in services and information, promoting sexual health literacy and sex positivity for people with disabilities. The lived experience of sexuality of those living with complex physical disabilities is under researched and underrepresented. This project hopes to create resources and gather information that will make sexual health and wellness more accessible and inclusive.

This project will be a collaboration between Kristyn White and Astonished Inc. It will be guided by Dr. Brenda Rossow-Kimball. Astonished! Core Members who are interested in participating please contact Melissa Turbuck, A! Program Coordinator. 

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