Issue 298 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 298 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 298 September 16th, 2023

Top links

K8EBR 20 meter vertical half-wave dipole
An outstanding antenna for DX.
HELLFEST: The contest from Hell
Feld-Hell contest haunting your radio October 13th.
Organic Maps
Privacy-focused, offline maps app for iOS and Android.
Organic Maps
DLARC Amateur Radio Library tops 90,000 items
The newest additions to the free online library include Ham Radio magazines and newsletters from around the world.
Playing Ham Radio in Minecraft
A look into the Radio Craft Mod for Minecraft.
Live Free and Ham
Sand Grenades
A DIY antenna launcher.
Ham Radio Outside the Box
New LoRA distance record: 830 miles
The conductive surface of the sea makes an excellent aid to propagation.
EZNEC antenna modeling
Goal: Determine how a 2-meter 8-element Quad stacks up against the alternatives.
My first POTA activation
The temperature and weather was absolutely perfect.
Why building for 10 meters is harder than building for lower frequencies
Why would an amplifier that is well behaved on 20 meters behave so badly on 10 meters?
SolderSmoke Daily News
Building a SHARI AllStarLink Node
A second node for mobile operation.


Parachute mobile
20 meter CQ session parachuting from a plane.

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