The latest news about the Corps of Cadets from the Commandant.
The latest news about the Corps of Cadets from the Commandant.
With the first Aggie football game of the season under our belt, I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the importance of encouraging your cadet throughout this semester. 

Regardless of their classification, our cadets are part of an organization that requires more of a time commitment than their peers may have. This is just the nature of our military based cultural model, and is not necessarily a bad thing. Through this structured daily schedule, your cadet is learning how to balance their time and make space for what is important to them as they develop into leaders.

At this point in the semester, they may now be coming to grasps with just how significant this time commitment is. Between classes, Corps/weekend activities and their personal lives, there is definitely a learning curve as they get used to stepping into this routine. 

I ask that you talk with them about how they feel they are doing this semester, and encourage them to push through whatever difficulties they may be faced with. As a reminder, a list of resources that are available to them, whether their struggles are physical, mental or academic, is accessible here. Remind them that there is no question or struggle too small and that we are here to help them overcome the obstacles they’re dealing with. 

If they choose to take full advantage of the resources and opportunities that are available to them as members of the Corps of Cadets, they will leave this experience far more prepared for life’s future challenges. Asking for help is always an option, and is an important part of their overall development within our leadership laboratory. 

You are all part of the solution in our organization.  I am a staunch advocate for an approach to leadership that is respectful, demanding, values-based and treats everyone with dignity.  When I see/hear/smell where this is not happening, I am going to look into it.  I want you to know you can reach out if your cadet’s experience is counter to what I’ve laid out. The best way is to contact our advisors, who are experienced leaders. Their email and phone number information can be accessed here.

As always, I look forward to welcoming you to the Quad for more events throughout the semester! We had a great first march-in and football game, and we are excited to welcome you all back to campus for next weekend’s game against Louisiana Monroe. Details on this game, to include our march-in timeline and route, can be found here

Thanks & Gig Em, 
Brigadier General Patrick Michaelis ’93
Freshmen cadets cheer in the Kyle Field stands Bugle Rank formed up on Kyle Field during halftime

Football Recap

Last weekend, football season in Aggieland began against New Mexico. For many of our freshmen, this was their very first Aggie football gameday experience! 
Our cadets looked sharp throughout our campus march-in prior to kickoff, and served as excellent representatives of the Aggie spirit throughout the game. I am proud of each of them, and can most definitely say that they played a significant role in our team’s impressive 52-10 win. 
Photos from the march-in and game can be found here
Our Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band also had a fantastic first performance of the season! A recording of this performance, to include the much missed “ooh’s and ah’s” of the fans, can be accessed here
This exciting start was greater than we imagined, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings for our football team. 
I hope that our cadets use this weekend to rest and recharge as the Aggies travel to Florida to Beat The Hell Outta the University of Miami!
Student athletes stand in front of the Arches as they receive a presentation from cadet leaders.
Photo courtesy of Aggie Photographers/Texas A&M Athletics

Cadets Participate in Annual Traditions Night

Each year, at the start of the fall semester, Texas A&M’s newest student-athletes take part in Traditions Night. This experience gives student-athletes a first hand look at what makes Texas A&M so special, and we are proud to say that several of our cadets played a major role in the event. 

Across several stops on campus tours, our cadets served as true Guardians of Tradition by informing their peers about Texas A&M’s time honored traditions. 

I am so proud of each of our cadet leaders who participated in Traditions Night. They were among the first to welcome our newest athletes to Aggieland, and I am very excited that they had the opportunity to speak to the uniqueness of the school we love so dearly. 

We look forward to cheering on each of our newest athletes, and the teams they represent, during their respective seasons!
Teddy Neal, Gianna Gualandri, and Victoria Torres pose with Miss Reveille IX and X. Teddy Neal '26 and Miss Reveille running out onto Kyle Field

Reveille X Celebrates Fourth Birthday

On September 5th, Reveille X celebrated her fourth birthday, and her third one in Aggieland!

As the highest ranked member of the Corps of Cadets, we are proud to have our university’s mascot as part of our organization. Throughout the year, members of Company E-2, including Miss Rev’s handler, Theodore Neal ‘24, care for the First Lady of Aggieland and accompany her to each of her events. 

We are proud to play such an important role in one of our university’s most visible traditions, and we look forward to seeing all that Reveille and her handlers will accomplish across the next year. 

Happy birthday, Miss Reveille, ma’am!
Daniel MacKenzie poses in front of a blue studio backdrop

Cadet Spotlight: Daniel MacKenzie '24

Daniel MacKenzie ‘24 is an Ecological Restoration and Parks & Natural Resource Management double major from Noblesville, Indiana. 

Originally from C-Company, Daniel currently serves as the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band Commander for the 2023-2024 academic year.

On the Quad, Daniel serves as a member of the Bugle Rank and as a SOMS Peer Mentor. During his freshman year, Daniel was a member of the Fish Drill Team, where he also later served as a sophomore advisor.

Off the Quad, Daniel is an Ecology and Conservation Biology Student Ambassador (ECCBSA). 

“If I had to boil it down to three things, the Corps personally has taught me how to truly serve and listen to others, balance a very loaded plate of responsibilities and empower various sized teams and organizations. When I leave here, I know I’ll be taking lifelong friendships, memories and experiences with me to apply into every aspect of my life,” Daniel said of his time in the Corps.

After graduation, Daniel plans to take time to travel abroad and volunteer before settling into his first job. 

Learn more about Daniel and his time in the Corps here
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October 21st, 2023 - Parsons Mounted Cavalry 50th Anniversary Celebration

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