Meet Jeff Larkin, Open Conversations Continue
Meet Jeff Larkin, Open Conversations Continue
Find out how a conservation biologist got his start; mark your calendar for the president’s update; and more
A small room is filled with bookcases full of books, some labeled “Physics,” with more books stacked on top of the bookcases and on a table right in front of the bookcases.
Through the times his work brought him to Weyandt Hall, IUP photographer Brian Henry developed an appreciation for the building that was IUP’s center of science for nearly 60 years. With its demolition looming, he decided to capture its character in pictures before the opportunity was lost. See the results of his final walkthrough.
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President Michael Driscoll speaks at a podium
President Driscoll will provide an update for faculty, staff, and students on Monday at 11:30 a.m. in Gorell Recital Hall (on Sutton’s second floor). Topics will include financial sustainability work and Academic Restructuring and Program Review progress. Learn more about the session, the livestream, and how to submit questions.
Head-and-shoulders shot of Jeff Larkin with a red, wood-grain graphic on either side of his portrait
A summer job in college turned out to be more than a way for Jeff Larkin to earn some cash; it introduced him to a career in conservation biology. Learn more about him in this installment of Meet Our Faculty.
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