Important dates and resources for the fall 2023 semester, check it out!
Important dates and resources for the fall 2023 semester, check it out!
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We're here to help!

In this email, you'll find the resources you need to make sure you're prepared to succeed this fall!
We cover some of the most frequently asked questions the Financial Aid Office receives at the start of each semester and have also included information about resources available to all students.

New resource tool! 

Financial Aid Handbook

The Cypress College Financial Aid Office has created a handbook to explain the application process, types of aid, eligibility requirements, and policies. Students are responsible for reviewing the handbook and reaching out to the Financial Aid Office with any questions prior to receiving aid.
Review the Financial Aid Handbook

SAP Notices Arriving Soon!

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) notices are emailed to students at the start of each semester and are expected to go out around August 15.
If disqualified, your SAP notice will include why you are disqualified and instructions on how to appeal to have your aid reinstated for the fall semester.
Learn more about SAP
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What is the Freeze Date?

Students have until 11:59 p.m. on September 4 to add/drop classes. After this, students will be locked in at those units for financial aid purposes.
Please note: Your award amounts (especially Pell Grant) may continue recalculating as you add and drop classes until your units are locked in on the freeze date. 
Learn more about the freeze date
If you've been awarded a Pell Grant, you'll receive the first half on August 25*.
For more disbursement information, including the full fall 2023 disbursement schedule, FAQ, and BankMobile, please visit our Disbursement help page.
*In order to be paid on the first disbursement date, the following must be met by August 9:
  • Your financial aid file must be complete;
  • Your home campus must be Cypress College; 
  • Your SAP status must be Good, Warning, or Pro1; and
  • You must be enrolled in fall 2023 courses.
What might affect your disbursement dates:
  • Completing tasks late. After August 9, your Pell Grant funds should arrive to BankMobile two Fridays after you complete your file.
  • Enrolling in late-start classes. Late-start classes can affect the amount you receive in your first disbursement as we cannot pay for late-start units until you start attending those classes. 
  • You need to submit a SAP appeal. If your SAP appeal is approved, you'll receive your financial aid funds two Fridays after your appeal is approved.
Visit our Disbursement help page

Expecting a Cal Grant?

If you are eligible for Cal Grant, but don’t see it on your Cypress Award letter, check your WebGrants account to confirm your high school graduation date and/or college. Once you satisfy all requirements with them, you will see your award posted (if eligible) within two weeks.
Learn more about Cal Grant
I got an email about SSCG (student success completion grant). Do I need to apply?

Student Success Completion Grant

If you received an email stating you may be eligible for the SSCG, there is nothing else you need to do, other than make sure you're enrolled and locked in at 12 or more units by the freeze date. 
Eligible students will see SSCG posted on their awards after we disburse Cal Grant on September 15.
How much will I receive for fall?
  • Students enrolled in 12 units or more (but less than 15 units): $649.
  • Students enrolled in 15 or more units: $2,000.
Please note: If you registered for a late-start class, your SSCG may be less. If there are SSCG funds still available by the time your late-start class begins, the Financial Aid Office will pay for your late-start units the second Friday from the date your late-start class begins.
Learn more about the SSCG
Student Loans

Fall 2023 Loans

We will be hosting online and in-person loan workshops for fall 2023. 

If you're interested in obtaining a Federal Direct Student Loan, please contact our office to sign up for an orientation.
In order to be eligible for a student loan you must meet the following requirements: 
  • Have a complete FAFSA and financial aid file;
  • Home campus must be Cypress College;
  • Be enrolled in at least 6 units for the fall semester; and
  • Have a Good / Warning / PRO1 SAP status.
Review loan information and workshop dates

Has your (or your parent's) income significantly decreased since 2021?

If your or your parent's income has significantly decreased since 2021 (the income you entered on your FAFSA/CADAA), you may request an EFC Appeal to use your more recent income.
Learn how to request an EFC Appeal
More Cypress College Resources to help you reach your goal!

Charger Book Pass (NEW!)

For a maximum of $100 per semester, you can get access to ALL of the required course materials (eBooks, textbooks, and access codes) for your classes!

This is a pilot program for the 2023-24 academic year to help reduce textbook costs for our students. It is part of the Cypress All-Access Passport, which also includes the Charger Food Pass and Charger Bus Pass.

Learn more about the Charger Book Pass


The California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) program provides services to students who are receiving Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF). 


Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) offers additional support to students such as book service awards, educational supplies & materials, and academic counseling.


The Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) program offers additional supportive services to EOPS students who are single parents receiving public assistance in order to support their success.


Disability Support Services (DSS) provides academic accommodations, such as extended time on exams, note taking assistance, and alternate media resources to students with disabilities that are taking courses at Cypress College. Students may also qualify for services if they have a temporary condition that affects their learning. DSS also offers study and learning strategies to all students on campus.

Cypress College Foundation

The Cypress College Foundation Office offers several on-campus scholarships, book loans, as well as other types of support.

Guardian Scholars

The Cypress College Guardian Scholars Program is available for all current and former foster youth attending the college to ensure their academic, career, and personal success.

Veterans Affairs

The VRC and CCVO are committed to ensuring that military and veteran students successfully make the transition from the military environment to campus life, and are assisted in their progress toward completing their academic degree. The VRC and CCVO also provide opportunities for peer-to-peer support for academics and wellness as well as camaraderie, mentoring, and social networking through active participation in campus and local communities. 

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Additional Resources

View additional resources available to students during the fall semester. 
The list includes information on chromebook checkout, wifi access, housing, shelters, food, and educational assistance.
If you have any questions about your financial aid, please contact us. We're here to help!
*Don't forget to include your student ID number in your message!
Live ChatCranium Café (sign in with your myGateway login information)
Phone: (714) 484-7114
In-person: For the most up-to-date office hours, please visit our homepage (toward the bottom) as they vary towards the start of the semester.
If you require accommodations, please contact our office one business day in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements to best serve you. 

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