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Commune with the elephants in India with Worldwide Adventures India; experience bioluminescence in Costa Rica with Travel Pioneers; go wolf tracking in Tuscany with Oasyhotel; experience Colombia's incredible biodiversity with True Colombia Travel and horseback ride on the beach in Portugal at AlmaLusa Comporta - just a few of our favorite wild experiences. 


Costa Rica's Pacific Coasts offers visitors secluded tropical beaches, magnificent wildlife, diverse culture, and a number of special experiences. One of Travel Pioneers' favorites is experiencing bioluminescence, which is produced by microorganisms that produce light and create glowing water. 

The experience can be arranged by kayak or boat, and is captivating to see how, with each every paddle, or underneath the boat, glows as you go, leaving behind a glittering trail of shimmering light. Guests describe this experience as an amplified reflection of a galaxy in the ocean.

Travel Pioneers can arrange for guests can experience blue bioluminescence in Golfo Dulce in the South Pacific region, or green bioluminescence in North Pacific region of the Golfo de Nicoya.


Worldwide Adventures India guests can interact with India's royal animal, the elephant, as Sir.J did, at Dera Amer, a 180-acre luxury tented safari camp.
Get time with these gentle giants while viewing the world under the starry skies. During the day amidst the natural surroundings guests can bath the elephants in the pond and even paint them, one of the most rewarding interactive experiences for any elephant lover.

What’s more, end your day with an intimate jungle dinner at under the stars. Delicious fresh-farm food, barbeques, bonfire, folk dances and soothing live music in the background makes this a truly fascinating evening. Luxury combined with simplicity makes Dera Amer an experience of a lifetime.


Situated in the beating heart of Tuscany, in San Marcello Piteglio, Oasi Dynamo Nature Reserve climbs up to 1,100 meters high. A former hunting reserve, today it is a model of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. A predominantly wooded area, home to pristine flora and fauna, it is a sanctuary for rare plant species and home to a great variety of animals, including 13 wolves that guests of Oasyhotel can track with a guide, as D.BER (pictured above with the Oasyhotel team).
Guided tours at Oasyhotel are steps, silences, listening, contemplation in total respect of nature. Guests walk along some of the paths which the predators usually travel in search of prey. Guides point out signs and traces of wolves, explaining their habits throughout the reserve.
true colombia travel


National Geographic wrote that “if Earth's biodiversity were a country, it could be called Colombia.” That's right, the South American nation is the most biodiverse on the planet by area, and second overall behind the much-larger Brazil. Worldwide, Colombia ranks first in bird and orchid species diversity and second in plants, butterflies, freshwater fishes and amphibians. 
True Colombia Travel, our Colombia DMC, can get you in front of this incredible “megadiversity” with active experiences like paragliding and jungle trekking throughout Colombia’s wildest regions. You might even encounter the keel-billed toucan (left), cotton-top tamarin (middle), or the TikTok-famous capybara, as founder Brian Schon did (above right).
Head into the heart of the Colombian Amazon; snorkel the beautiful beaches of Tayrona Park or scuba on the unexplored Pacific Coast; hike in the Colombian Andes; take in some of the world’s best whale watching or explore hidden caves in national parks. And pair that adventure with genuine local experiences for a true, True Colombia Travel trip.
almalusa comporta almalusa comporta


AlmaLusa Comporta recently announced a new menu of curated outdoor activities with the goal of helping guests discover its unspoiled Alentejo coast.
The 53-room-and-suite hotel is in a prime location for beach enthusiasts and nature lovers at just an hour and a half south of Lisbon in the heart of the village of Comporta, AlmaLusa Comporta allows guests to unplug and discover its setting next to the Sado river, with some of the most beautiful beaches on the Alentejo coast and rice fields that carpet the ground.

A few wildlife experiences around the hotel:
  • Discover the flamingos of the Sado Estuary by boat
  • Dolphin-watch by boat on the Sado River 
  • Horseback-ride along a path between never ending rice fields, pine forests and white sand dunes to the beach
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