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Our week in Greece was an escapade like no other.  From the ancient ruins of Athens to the sun-soaked shores of Mykonos and Santorini, exploring Greece with Original Senses was an extraordinary experience.  From start to finish, every aspect of our stay was flawlessly executed, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the beauty and culture of Greece without a worry in the world.  Original Senses masterfully orchestrated an unforgettable adventure, reinforcing my belief that they are not just the finest DMC in Greece, but an unrivaled leader in the world of hospitality.


The journey begins amidst The Acropolis and through the vibrant streets of Athens, an adventure made truly exceptional by the strong connections that Original Senses has cultivated with their expert partners.  On a guided food tour, we delighted in dishes that included everything from souvlaki to loukoumades.  A heavy dose of history was offered with a guided tour of the iconic Acropolis and Acropolis Museum.  Site visits of Hotel Grande Bretagne, King George, and Four Seasons Astir Palace and a lovely stay at the new Dolli Hotel ensured us all that Athens is more than a stop-over destination. Spend two days or more alongside ancient ruins in this bustling, modern city full of architectural and cultural grandeur.  

Top row, from left: a variety of nuts on our food tour; cheers on the roof of Fours Seasons Astir Palace; me in front of the Acropolis. Second row, from left: the group on our tour of the Acropolis; tea and treats at the Dolli Hotel; posing during a stop on our food tour in Athens


We jetted off to Mykonos for a few days of diving off catamarans into crystal-clear waters, soaking up the sun at Nammos and Scorpios beach clubs, and partying like the gods.
The first stop after our flight was to the marina for a Cycladic cruise with swimming and lunch hosted by Elements Yachting, Original Senses' yacht company.  The cruise took us to a secluded cove where we enjoyed the refreshing Aegean waters.  
Our host, Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, did not disappoint.  My two-bedroom suite with plunge pool was an absolute treat.  We lounged by the infinity pool, indulged in spa treatments, and enjoyed the impeccable service - just what I needed to recover from a bit of jetlag. But above all, the exceptional hospitality from dedicated staff is what stood out most.  They are sure to provide visitors with a most memorable stay - whether your there for nights filled with DJs and bottle service or for restful and romantic views of the Aegean.
Early morning, we set sail for Delos Island, an archaeological marvel, discovering its historical significance. In the evening, we savored Greek dishes at renowned Interi in Mykonos town and danced the night away. 
Mykonos exceeded expectations, offering more than beach clubs and boutiques. Its true charm lies in the old town's winding pathways and breathtaking sea views.

Top row from left: views on the way to my spa casita; enjoying ginger tea after treatments; view of pool at Spa Safari; the welcome sign for Spa Safari; variety of treatments listed at welcome area; view from my treatment table at Spa Safari.


Santorini greeted us with its iconic, white-washed buildings, perched atop the cliffs, overlooking the vast Aegean Sea.  We made our way to Domaine Sigalas for a delightful wine-tasting and lunch. The vineyard was picturesque, with rows of grapevines and the resident cat basking in the Mediterranean sun.  
I was filled with anticipation and excitement as we made our way to Canaves Oia Epitome.  The allure of this resort was palpable and once I checked into my spacious suite I fully understood why.  The suite was meticulously designed with panoramic views form the private terrace with plunge pool.  This property is an absolute dream.  Later that evening, we dined at Omnia Restaurant at Epitome.  We watched the sun paint the sky hues or orange and pink while we savored each bite with Markos and team. 
The next day brought us some much-needed movement on our guided hike along the Caldera.  Our guide shared tales of the island's history and geology.  In the afternoon, we embarked on a Caldera cruise thanks to Sunset Oia Sailing Cruises.  A delicious lunch awaited us at a seaside taverna, Armeni Santorini, where we laughed with the owner as he told stories of nightmare guests. 
Exploring Oia town, we walked through the narrow, winding streets that are filled with boutiques and charming cafes.  We watched the sun fall below the horizon as we made our way to our farewell dinner at Canaves Oia Suites' Petra restaurant.  We reminisced about our trip in the luxurious setting.

Top row, from left: Me, Markos and Vickie at Canaves Oia Epitome; our group on the Caldera hike; sunbathing on a catamaran. Bottom row: Vickie serving us lunch at a seaside taverna; our group and the staff at Canaves Oia Epitome; our group and the owner of the seaside taverna, Armeni


Our journey through Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini leaves me with a profound sense of gratitude and wonder.  These storied places have not only enriched my understanding of Greece but also ignited a desire to explore more and seek out the hidden treasures that await.  I understand why advisors frequently say that their clientele is in pursuit of "off the beaten path" Greece, for there is so much to explore.  Original Senses provided an incredible experience woven with history, culture, and natural splendor.  Our trip surpassed all my expectations, and they are eager to assist you in exceeding yours!

Above, from left: group photo while touring the Acropolis; group photo at dinner in Athens rivieria; Vickie enjoying the boat ride

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