Forwarded by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
Forwarded by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
CDC Health Advisory:
Urgent Need to Increase Immunization Coverage for Influenza, COVID-19, and RSV Immunizations and Use of Authorized/Approved Therapeutics in the Setting of Increased Respiratory Disease Activity During the 2023 – 2024 Winter Season.
December 19, 2023
The CDC issued a health advisory on 12/14/23 alerting healthcare providers to increasing influenza, SARS-CoV-2, and RSV activity and low vaccination rates against these pathogens. CDC urges providers to recommend and offer immunizations and to offer antiviral medication to eligible patients. The CDC has created communication tools including a Conversation Guide for Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Provider Toolkit to support providers’ efforts to protect their patients this respiratory virus season.
Below, we provide additional information on influenza, COVID-19, and RSV activity and immunizations in Los Angeles County.
Percent of Respiratory Specimens Testing Positive by Viral Etiology
Los Angeles County Sentinel Surveillance Laboratories
2023-2024 Influenza Season

Source: LACDPH Resp Watch
  • In Los Angeles County, the percentage of specimens testing positive for influenza at sentinel surveillance sites continues to increase and is currently at 14.2% In addition, there continues to be an increase in influenza hospitalizations. Influenza-like illness accounts for a significant proportion of emergency department visits in Los Angeles County, particularly among children 0-17 years of age. 
  • As of 11/30/2023 we estimate that this season's flu vaccine coverage in Los Angeles County was 22% in all persons ages 6 months and older and 51% in persons ages 65 years and older.
  • As of 12/15/23 in Los Angeles County, the percentage of specimens testing positive for COVID-19 at sentinel surveillance sites remains high and is currently at 10.3%. COVID-positive hospitalizations have been increasing. For the week ending 12/9/23, there was an average of 524 hospitalizations a day.
  • As of 12/10/23 we estimate that coverage with the updated 2023-2024 COVID-19 vaccine in Los Angeles County is 9% in all persons ages 6 months and older and 23% in persons ages 65 years and older.
  • In the week ending 12/9/23, 12.5% of all specimens tested at sentinel surveillance laboratories in Los Angeles County were positive for RSV.
  • As of 12/12/23 we estimate that that in Los Angeles County RSV vaccine coverage is 6.5% for persons ages 60 years and older, and 8% for females ages 15-45 years who were presumed to be pregnant. We estimate that only 6.7% of eligible infants have received nirsevimab.
  • Immunizations are now available to prevent RSV in infants (either through maternal vaccination and directly to infants) and adults over 60 years. RSV vaccines (Abyrsvo and Arexvy) are available at pharmacies and providers offices and are covered by Medi-Cal, MediCare Part D, and most private insurance companies. Infants who are uninsured or on Medi-Cal can receive nirsevimab at our Los Angeles County Department of Public Health clinics for free.
For more information regarding respiratory virus activity in Los Angeles County, please refer to LACDPH Resp Watch.
We encourage all providers to continue to contact their patients to recommend and offer these immunizations.
All providers should offer therapeutics to eligible patients. Both influenza and COVID-19 antiviral medications are underused but can assist in decreasing hospitalizations if used promptly in high-risk individuals. Since Paxlovid and Lagevrio have transitioned to the commercial market, patient assistance programs are now in place to assist with access to these products. Information about these programs can be accessed at and  Please see the 12/18/23 CDPH Health Advisory for additional guidance regarding COVID-19 Therapeutics and services. Patients can still access COVID-19 therapeutics and telehealth services for free through the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health at 1-833-540-0473. Providers inquiring about access to any remaining US Government supplies can reach out to
Please refer to the CDC communication for additional information regarding immunizations, antiviral medications, reporting of MIS-C, and resources for preparing your patients for the fall and winter virus season.
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