April 10, 2024
Dear GW Business Community,

In April, we celebrate diversity, reflect on two heritage commemorations, Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Arab American Heritage Month, and awareness months, focused on sexual assault prevention, and volunteerism. Furthermore, this month, we have opportunities to join an Interfaith Week planned by the university, and to get ready for a book club in May.
Celebrate Diversity Month
April is a month where we honor the diversity and uniqueness each individual adds to our community. It's an opportunity for us to pause, observe, and cherish the wide array of characteristics that make us unique, from our beliefs and appearances to our lifestyles and beyond. By approaching others with empathy and compassion, we can cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other.
Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
This month, we are called to reflect on the heritage of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islander communities. While this commemoration is recognized nationally in May, our GW community uses April to ensure ample time for commemorative events and activities before finals and Commencement season begin.
There are more than 20 million people who identify with the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the United States. It is a population that is vibrant and diverse. Did you know that Kamala Harris is the first Asian American to serve as Vice President? This month was selected for this commemoration because it marks the arrival of the first generation of Japanese immigrants to the United States, as well as the completion of the transcontinental railroad and the overwhelming contributions to the railroad by workers of Chinese descent.
Arab American Heritage Month
April is Arab American Heritage Month. Officially declared nationally in 2021, this commemoration provides a moment to remember how diverse communities can animate societies and cultures in lasting ways. Arab Americans have spurred innovation in science and technology, in arts and sciences, and many other areas. Today, the Arab American population is estimated to be more than 3 million in the United States, and contribute to our society in many important ways.
Interfaith Week
Interfaith Week, organized by the university, taking place during April 15-19, allows us to foster understanding, respect, and collaboration among the diverse faith communities that enrich our society. In this week, we come together, learn from one another, and celebrate the rich tapestry of beliefs that coexist in our community. Together, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate world for all.

As part of Interfaith Week, there was a recent Iftar dinner held during Ramadan, and there are upcoming Passover seders at the GW Hillel. Interfaith programming is part of the commitment of Strengthening Our Community in Challenging Times, a plan launched by President Granberg and Provost Bracey that is accepting input from GW community members.
Sexual Assault Awareness Month
In April, we reflect on the importance of creating safe, respectful, and equitable environments for everyone, regardless of gender or background. Furthermore, it offers a moment to deepen our understanding of sexual violence's manifestations in the digital age. This month encourages us to explore how we can cultivate an inclusive culture that actively works against violence and supports survivors.
Global Volunteer Month
April marks Global Volunteer Month, a time to rally around causes close to our hearts, unite our community, and drive change both locally and globally. It's an opportunity to acknowledge the impact of our altruistic efforts, which not only encourage others to volunteer but also cultivate a sense of worldwide solidarity and collective responsibility for the betterment of our society.
Book Club
Please RSVP if you would like to join our next Dean’s Diversity Council Book Event, which will be Thursday, May 9 at 4:00 p.m. in Duquès Hall, 553. We will have a discussion exploring the themes and ideas from Transgender Inclusion: All the Things You Want to Ask Your Transgender Coworker but Shouldn't by A. C. Fowlkes.

Have a wonderful spring.
Best wishes,
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