Employee Service, Meet Crystal Machado
Employee Service, Meet Crystal Machado
Find out who’s being honored for years of service, how Crystal Machado tried to avoid becoming a teacher, and more.
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Miko Rose’s desire to help underserved populations led her to become a physician and eventually to train medical students to become caring and empathetic professionals. Learn more about the founding dean of IUP’s proposed college of osteopathic medicine in this Q&A.
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See which employees have completed 10, 15, 20, 25, and 35 years of service and will be celebrated during today’s Service Awards luncheon in the Blue Room.
Crystal Machado head-and-shoulders portrait with a red, wood-grain graphic on either side of the portrait
At first, Crystal Machado thought she should avoid teaching and should study business. But soon after earning her first college degree, she started listening to the voices that said otherwise. Learn more about her in this installment of Meet Our Faculty.
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