As warmth and light return to Springwater, think of returning too
As warmth and light return to Springwater, think of returning too
Springing into Action
Staff and a volunteer have just replaced the clerestory windows in the sitting room that were deteriorating after providing 38 years of ventilation. (See below for more photos of this happy event.) More windows are due to be replaced and re-trimmed in the weeks ahead as part of the continuing effort to keep the facility in good condition. 
Some advice if you wish to attend retreat in person this spring or summer: As a Covid precaution the Center is only assigning one person per room (except in cases where people specifically request to room together); retreats are filling and tend to have wait lists. To ensure an in-person place, please apply in a timely manner. 
Upcoming organized events are described below, and all remaining events this year are on the website Calendar. It is also possible to arrange a stay as a guest or volunteer. See the website Visit page for information. 
Sandra Gonzalez has returned from Nicaragua and will be at the Center this summer and fall. If you have questions concerning meditative work during a stay, Sandra or Wayne Coger are generally available for private meetings. Information about the teachers can be found on the website Teachers page
Sandra Gonzalez Wayne Coger

May 13-20 Seven-Day Retreat with Sandra Gonzalez and Wayne Coger
In-person and Online

Wayne and Sandra will alternate giving talks this retreat and both will be available for private meetings and group dialogues. The retreat is open to in-person or online attendance. In-person attendance is filling rapidly. If you wish to attend in person, please register soon as space is limited. Unlimited space remains for online attendees. 
Please note that online attendees will have full access to timed sittings, talks, private meetings and dialogue groups in this retreat. 
Wayne and Sandra worked closely with Toni Packer, the Center's founding teacher, for many years. She entrusted them with continuing the Center's meditative work. In addition to holding retreat, Wayne and Sandra take part in the Center's daily life, doing hands-on work or meeting with staff and guests. Sandra can often be found in the kitchen, while Wayne undertakes a multitude of maintenance or building activities. 
Register for Retreat with Wayne and Sandra

Saturday June 3 All-Day Sitting 8:30 - 4:00

This event is almost full. Please apply now if you wish to attend. Use this form to register for the All-Day Sitting and if you wish to stay overnight before or after. This day of quiet meditation will have a timed sittings, a talk by Susan Schepp, vegetarian lunch, afternoon group dialogue followed by refreshments and social time. Susan worked with Toni Packer for many years and has a deep commitment to meditative work. She has been involved with the Center since its inception in many capacities including serving on the board of trustees. 

Notice to Members - Annual Meeting Sunday June 4, 10 a.m.

Members will soon receive the agenda for the Annual Meeting along with a proxy ballot. Please contact the Center if you have not received your mailing by May 15. Note that members dues need to be current in order to receive the mailing and vote at the Annual Meeting. The meeting will take place via Zoom, but it's possible to attend in person and take part in the pot-luck lunch that will follow the meeting. See information about the Annual Meeting and Membership in Springwater Center.  

June 10-17 Retreat with Stephan Bielfeldt

This year, Stephan will return to Springwater in person from his home near Hamburg, Germany. Stephan engaged in meditative work with Toni Packer and was asked by her to meet with people and later, to hold retreats in Germany and Poland. Since 2010 he has been holding retreats at Springwater Center. Stephan has recently written a book, the English translation, still in manuscript form, is titled "Seven Days in Silence." For more information about Stephan, including talks and articles, visit his teacher page on the website.
This retreat is filling but a few spaces remain. Please apply soon if you wish to attend.  
Register for Retreat with Stephan Bielfeldt

July 1-8 Retreat with Richard Witteman

In-person and Online
This retreat is full for in-person attendance. Please contact reception to be placed on the wait list. Use the button below to apply to attend online. 
Register for Online Retreat with Richard Witteman

Online Offerings

Online events offer new possibilities for entering into meditation and dialogue with others. The schedule changes from time to time; please see the online offerings calendar for the current schedule of online sittings.
There are opportunities to sit, hear a talk and dialogue with others at afternoon Saturday Programs. The next Saturday Programs are April 29 and May 6, beginning at 1:30 pm with a sitting, followed by a recorded talk and group dialogue.
During in-person retreats, the daily talk can be heard live.
Online events are hosted in the Center's usual Zoom room. Contact reception at if you need the invite link to access the room.  
These online events are available at no cost, while donations are always appreciated to sustain the work of the Center.  Auto-debit options are also now available for your convenience.

Use this link to hear a video of a talk by the Center's founder Toni Packer, played at the April 1 Saturday program. In this talk, Toni asks: "Is there an independant, free acting 'I'?; Is there the freedom to step out of the conditioning?; What am I when there is no thinking about myself?; The reluctance to let go of this 'I'." Many more talks by Toni and other Center teachers can be accessed on the Center's YouTube channel.  
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Replacing clerestory windows Replacing clerestory windows Replacing clerestory windows
Replacing clerestory windows Replacing clerestory windows

COVID Updates

The COVID policy is currently being updated and will likely change before summer events.  We make every effort to keep our website up to date with the most current information and requirements. If a change occurs for an event you are registered for, we will notify you as soon as possible.
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