Ghost Town Trek, Student Loan Scams, Twitter Edit Button, and Super Soups
Ghost Town Trek, Student Loan Scams, Twitter Edit Button, and Super Soups
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  November 2022  
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Prepare Your Internet for the Holidays

Managed Wi-Fi

As the holidays approach and we get ready to gather with friends and family, now is a good time to check your internet speeds and get prepped for the extra devices using your network. With children home, guests spending time in your home and the inevitable post-meal device time, let us help you make sure your internet bandwidth is ready to handle it all.

Here are some recommendations to consider:
  • Run a broadband test to see where your broadband speed is at currently. There are many websites available for this and we like to use

  • We recommend for 4 devices or more you have at least 250 Mbps.

  • Whole Home Gig is a great option to cover all devices including those with high demand application such as video streaming, online gaming or video phone calls.

  • In addition to broadband speed, we encourage you to check your router as well. Make sure it is in a central location and up off the floor on a desk or table. Call our customer service team to speak with them about upgrading your router to handle the bandwidth speed you are needing.

  • With guests visiting we recommend you set up guest Wi-Fi passwords to protect your home network.

  • Installing Hamilton Managed Wi-Fi provides fast, reliable, consistent internet throughout your home and gives you the ability to set up guest Wi-Fi passwords, parental controls and connect multiple devices with maximized video streaming and uploading. You can find more information on Hamilton Managed Wi-Fi here or call us to get it set up.
Contact our customer service team at 402-694-5101 anytime. We look forward to getting you set up with the best internet this holiday season as you enjoy time with family and friends!
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Bison Bridge Brigade
A couple in Yellowstone watch with amusement as a herd of bison cross the bridge, fortunately staying in the correct lane!
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Visiting a NV Ghost Town
An expedition searches in a remote desert canyon for Uncle Sam Mine, a mysterious place that nobody alive has ever seen.
November 30th is National Computer Security Day

National Computer Security Day A national day we can definitely get behind, National Computer Security Day is Wednesday November 30th. While we encourage you to change your passwords and update your computer antivirus more than just once per year, this day is a good reminder to add to your calendar.

This time of year, we tend to see an increase in identity theft, fraud, ransomware and viruses attacking our computers. Protecting yourself by protecting your technology is of the utmost importance.

Here are a few tasks we encourage you to do:
  • Enable and run any software updates for programs such as Windows.
  • Install and run antivirus software.
  • Remember to always use strong passwords and change them frequently.
  • Back up important and critical data on a regular basis.
  • Use caution when browsing and shopping the internet. Always ensure that you are using secure websites when providing your credit card information.
  • Periodically clear out your temporary internet files and cookies.
  • Do not share passwords.
  • Consider creating a guest Wi-Fi password for your home internet if you plan to have others using your network.
While today is a great day to complete the above list, we highly encourage you to do several of these tasks on a monthly basis to help keep you protected.
Are You a Caregiver?  
Are You a Caregiver?
November is National Family Caregivers Month, and this comprehensive site guides caregivers to tools, tips, and resources.
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Fascinating Stuff  
Fascinating Stuff
Explore Smithsonian Magazine for incredible looks at science, history, innovation, arts and culture, travel, and more.
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Choose Your Charities  
Choose Your Charities
Before you donate, check Charity Navigator to make sure your dollars will go to reputable and effective nonprofits.
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9 Super Soup Recipes
Try Creamy Tomato Soup with Mozza-ball Skewers, French Onion Soup Bread Bowl, White Bean Blender Soup, and more.
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7 Easy-to-Make Cookies
You'll love these delicious options like 3-Ingredient Butter Cookies, Thumbprint Cookies, and Cream Cheese Cookies.
A Generous 7-Year-Old A Generous 7-Year-Old A Generous 7-Year-Old  
A Generous 7-Year-Old
He donated the money in his piggy bank to help with relief efforts in Florida after the devastation of Hurricane Ian.
Sky After Sky After Sky Sky After Sky After Sky Sky After Sky After Sky  
Sky After Sky After Sky
Instagram posted this "skies dump" to showcase the amazing variety of skies in different places at different times.
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How to Paint a Brick Fireplace
Not crazy about the color of your brick fireplace? Get tips on how to prep the surface and paint it using a paint sprayer.
Do-It-Yourself - Download Graphics to View  
How to Strip Wood Finish
Learn the secrets of removing the old and gunky finish on vintage furniture to reveal the beauty of the natural wood.
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