CityWide ReUp 2023
CityWide ReUp 2023
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CityWide ReUp

Brandon House Cultural & Performing Arts Center is hosting the 4th Annual City Wide Re-Up, sponsored by Arts Over Tobacco and funded by UAPB Minority Initiative Subrecipient Grant Office, on Saturday, March 4, 2023, from 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm at  Greater Center Star Family Life Center 800 w. 33rd Street, Little Rock, AR 72206. This is a community event that targets ALL high school students residing in Little Rock who will benefit from restocking their school supplies, personal products, community support services, and other helpful resources to support a positive performance for the remaining 2022-2023 academic year. 
The City Wide ReUp has been a major opportunity for Brandon House to provide necessary resources or assistance in areas such as academic readiness, college readiness, and workforce and job readiness through the #ARpeople Black Expo. Following the #ARpeople Black Expo, students will be engaged in a panel discussion entitled “The Power of #ARpeople” to address topics and share suggestions about how young minority students can respond to negative influences and outcomes that target their community, all before competing in the Hoop Life Basketball Tournament. 

The goals for this event are to: (1) Provide our students with the supplies (school supplies, T-Shirts, hygiene products, beauty supplies, electronics, etc.) and resources they need to restock on items that would support positive and healthy growth; (2) distribute community resources around tobacco prevention, healthy living, and educational resources; and (3) Engage youth in thoughtful discussions on topics that impact their lives. 

Please share with community groups, high school students, or organizations who would like to provide resources to students. Below are links to registration forms to be involved in the ReUp Event: 

Hoop Life 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, 3 point Shoot Out, Half/Full Court Shot Contest
Register at

Business/College/Community Vendor 
(Must Donate $25 worth of School Supplies/Hygiene or Beauty Products/or Gift Card) 
Register at   

Register at


 If you would like to support, please consider donating the following items. Complete the sponsorship form at in order to donate: 

  • T-Shirts w Positive Messaging (T-Shirts from Five Below are only $5)
  • Hygiene and Beauty Supply Products 
  • School Supplies 
  • Gift Cards (Restaurants, Department Stores, Local Clothing Stores)
  • Sponsor a Hoop Life Team at $25

Live Performances
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