Issue 302 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 302 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 302 October 14th, 2023

Top links

Web based antenna designer and calculator
Tools enabling design and modelling of simple wire antennas for portable use on HF.
Sota Antennas
CBC stops broadcasting official time signal
For more than 80 years the beeps and tones of the time signal have connected Canadians.
Migrating the shack PC to Debian Linux
I am very happy with the performance of applications.
A comprehensive Elecraft KX2 field kit
A kit that gives lots of options for antenna deployments.
Put up a dipole for 10m, a very active band
A little dipole for 10m is not too much of a challenge.
Marxy's Musing on Technology
72 hours of emergency power on a budget
An American made solar briefcase which fits the bill.
FT-891 as an emergency CB
Spectral output of the FT-891 operated on the CB band is quite clean.
QRP Contact from Australia to Spain with video from both sides
Originating from a portable SOTA activation.
SolderSmoke Daily News
ARRL launches NTS newsletter
The NTS Letter is a monthly digest of all things related to the ARRL National Traffic System.


GNU Radio tutorials for 2023
Tutorial by Daniel Estévez on getting started with GNU Radio Companion, gqrx, and rtl-sdr dongles.
How to turn a cheap extension cord into the ultimate 10 meter vertical
Recycling unused extension cords for antenna builds.
Demonstrating the FM capture effect
Why aircraft still use AM.
Tall Paul Tech

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