January 2024 newsletter
January 2024 newsletter
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January 2024
The Corporate Work Study (CWS) program is a shared experience that aligns with our DLSNC schoolwide values. It is a unique opportunity that creates a special sense of belonging within our community. Students are in different grade levels, but the common denominator is that they all go to work. It was very apparent post-pandemic when freshmen weren’t working that their sense of belonging was put to the test. As we were rebuilding the CWS program, the freshmen weren’t able to share the corporate work experience, and we all felt that absence.
One of the key roles of the CWS team is to help our students understand the significance of having four years of work experience, emphasizing all the networking opportunities, hard and soft skills attainment, and career exploration that come with it. Another equally valuable role is empowering our students to navigate through workplace challenges. There is no getting around the less-than-perfect world we live in and the challenges that many of our students will face throughout their professional lifetimes such as lack of racial diversity and micro-aggressions. The real-life work experiences of CWS sometimes come with real-life problems which create opportunities for students to problem-solve together in the hope of creating a more just work world.   
It is so important that our companies understand our mission and that they play a role in our students' sense of belonging. As adults, many of us have been in a work environment where we just didn’t feel like we fit in, leading to a drop in work performance that comes from not feeling like a part of the team. I know that we will not be able to protect our students from all of the things that come with navigating these circumstances in their futures. But during their time in CWS, we strive to help our students understand that teamwork, collaboration, and creating a culture of belonging are essential to the work environment as they give individuals the opportunity to be their authentic selves, feel safe, and know that they matter. At DLSNC I belong to a supportive community that extends the same grace and sense of belonging to its students. That gives me peace and sustains me.  
Aiyana Ashley
Director of Corporate Work Study Operations
DLSNC Launches Specialized Pathways Program
Due to the vision and long-term commitment of STEAM Program Director and Science Chair, Amy Lacks (aided by many others), two valuable new opportunities have launched this year for DLSNC students interested in STEAM careers. Dubbed Pathways, these are nuanced specializations in the areas of Engineering and Health Sciences which will result not only in a certificate and special commendation at graduation but also practical, focused experience aimed to help participants get a head start on futures in STEAM. 
Pathways combine advanced level and honors course work with mentoring, career shadowing experience, integrated Corporate Work Study assignments, active participation in our STEAM-related school clubs (Robotics, Health Careers), special field trips, and outside extracurricular activities. “It has been a stepping stone process over the past seven years to gradually grow and deepen our Science program in a wide variety of ways,” shared Ms. Lacks. “The Pathways launch is an important offshoot of that growth, and it’s really exciting to see students now taking part and developing their individual interests. Both of these career areas are in need of future workers, include high-paying, stimulating, and rewarding jobs, and have an underrepresentation of people of color. We want to encourage our students to explore these career areas and gain confidence that they can be successful in them.”
Click here for more about Pathways.
DLSNC Students and Alums Honored with Skanner Foundation Scholarship Awards
Despite inclement weather, DLSNC’s presence shone bright at the Skanner Foundation’s 38th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast in which the Foundation’s scholarship awards were presented. One scholarship winner, Coco Quaye ‘21, now a junior at Tulane University, even got a special shout-out from Mayor Ted Wheeler in his speech to the hundreds of attendees. Coco was one of four DLSNC alums and four DLSNC seniors to be recognized at the important event, along with 27 students from other schools. In addition to the Skanner Foundation, the DLSNC scholarships were sponsored by the City of Portland, Kaiser Permanente, Oregon Community Foundation, OHSU, Prosper Portland, Providence, and TriMet. 
The scholarship recipients are students who, “in the spirit of Dr. King, plan to pursue educational goals that will serve their communities.” This year’s DLSNC Skanner scholarship recipients are: Liliana Bautista-Chavez ‘24; Kynayzya Brewer ‘24; Evelyn Ku Castillo ‘24; Joyae Manns ‘24; Elliana McKinney ‘23 (University of Washington); Imani McRae ‘22 (Howard University); Coco Quaye ‘21 (Tulane University); and Evelyn Velez ‘23 (Whitman College).
So Great to Welcome Back Alums!
In mid-December, we were delighted to welcome alumni back to campus for our annual fellowship breakfast. Several dozen DLSNC graduates from many of our 19 graduating classes attended, and many alums volunteered throughout the morning to present in the classrooms to current seniors about their college and adult life experiences post-DLSNC.
Here are a couple of responses from alum attendees to the question, “How have your Lasallian education and CWS experiences contributed to your life path?”  
“For CWS, I worked all four years at Standard Insurance in the accounting department. I didn’t want to go to college until probably sophomore year when a lady at the Standard noticed how good I was at the work I was doing. She asked, “Have you thought about going to college for accounting?” I started to look into it and got excitedthis is a path that could lead me somewhere and that I feel confident in. Currently, I have one more semester left, and then I’ll have my bachelor’s degree in accounting from PSU.
I went to Concordia for freshman year, and I was able to get a job in the Concordia finance department. No other freshman had the four years of accounting firm experience like I had so I got the job. Those ladies at the Standard kind took me under their wings and helped me explore who I am and what I want to do in life. I’m glad that we are still connected.” Citlalli Uribe ‘19
Click here for more alumni quotes.
DLSNC Alums Visit Ghana with Word Is Bond
Word Is Bond, a Portland-based non-profit that aims to empower young Black men to their fullest potential, has been an important force in the lives of several DLSNC students since its inception in 2017. Over the years, we’ve shared about our students leading “In My Shoes” neighborhood walking tours through Word Is Bond. Its most recent endeavor was a far longer distance toura “homecoming” expedition to Ghana that three members of the Class of 2021, Ahemed Bullo, Mohamed Bullo, and Natnael Girmai, joined. The transformative journey, the capstone of Word Is Bond’s three-year leadership program, was documented in a film, “The Black Stars,” that had a gala premiere this month at the Hollywood Theatre.
Ahemed, who is currently a sophomore at Boston University studying Computer Science with the aim to be a software engineer, found many parallels in Ghana to his time at DLSNC. “Inclusive Community and Quality Education were two of the Lasallian Principles I saw throughout my experience in Ghana,” shared Ahemed, following the documentary film premiere. “Education is something Ghanaians take seriously, and it was displayed in how they presented themselves in the classroom and how highly they talked about it. Ghana is big on community and being inclusive. During the whole trip every community we visited welcomed us and made us feel as if we were part of their community.”

Snippets From the CWS World

Two generations of Knight Nation recently crossed paths   on an OHSU virtual meeting. Jonna Frater ‘06, Program Manager for Supplier Diversity at OHSU, met senior Kynayzya Brewer, a CWS student associate in OHSU’s Center for Women’s Health, in a planning meeting for a new OHSU effort to provide BIPOC-specific products for its patients. Jonna, a long-term OHSU employee, started her employment there just like Ky, as a DLSNC student! The two share another linkthey are both recipients of Skanner Foundation scholarships. They ran into each other in real life at the MLK Day awards ceremony when Ky was accepting her scholarship and Jonna was there to represent the school as our alum Board Member.
Violet Whaley ‘25 loved her recent opportunity at Daimler Trucks to take an exclusive secure tour of Daimler’s factory. Violet, who works in Daimler Trucks’ legal department, joined the assembly line tour along with Daimler’s outside counsel, viewing the company’s most recent models including electric freight liners and custom trucks in specialized colors. Given the noise conditions in the factory, Violet wore noise-canceling headphones which also served as the audio system for the tour guide’s commentary.
Basketball Season is in Full Swing!
Come support our dedicated student-athletes this winter!
For more details on the schedules and results for all three of our basketball teams, please check out OSAA.
If you'd like to watch the games but can't attend in person, please consider a subscription to NFHS which broadcasts all the games, home and away. Click here for more info.
Selfie with a Supervisor!
For the first time in several years, all four grade levels at De La Salle North Catholic are working five days per month in local businesses across the gamut of industries. To celebrate the exciting return of our integral Corporate Work Study (CWS) program, we’re taking a regular peek into the experience, from both a student’s perspective as well as that of his or her supervisor.
United States Bakery, which owns Portland’s beloved Franz brand, is a first-time CWS Partner this year, hosting a full team of four students at this iconic location. Their junior, Joaquin Vidales, is there on Thursdays (plus one rotating Monday per month) working with Jennifer Robeson, Human Resources Manager.  
How are you growing this year as a supervisor to a DLSNC Student Associate?
It was so satisfying working with my colleague, Berrett Harris (who hosts United States Bakery’s other three student associates in the corporate office), to figure out the workflow for our students and create job descriptions for their positions. We really considered how to create an environment in which they are getting a full understanding of all the things that go into making an office work. Later on we’re planning to do a swap so that Joaquin gets to see the corporate side of our operations and the other students get to see the bakery side of the operations. Participating with De La Salle reminds me how much enjoyment I get out of training young people. (Jennifer Robeson)
What’s been the coolest thing about working with Joaquin?
It’s been really fun having Joaquin here. He is so fast with everything he doesI’m always like, "How did you get that done already?" We do a bakery tour program which is generally geared towards second and third graders. Joaquin works with the kids, makes sure they are having fun, makes sure the tours run smoothly. There are so many times that my colleague and I turn to each other on Thursdays and say, "Why can’t Joaquin be here on Tuesdays and Wednesdays too?" Our tour program is so enhanced by having his participation. (Jennifer Robeson)
How are you growing this year working as a Student Associate at US Bakery?
I’m helping out with the activities for the tours with a lot of young kids, and I’m gaining a lot of leadership skills. Having leadership skills elevates you in the sense that people turn to you if they are having problems or don’t know what’s going on. Even if you don’t really know what’s going on, you can sort of rally people together, get the information needed, orient yourself properly. I see it as knowing your audience, being very adaptable, having the ability to be flexible and solve problems on your feet. It’s very helpful. (Joaquin Vidales ‘25)

What’s the coolest part of your job at US Bakery?
I smell fresh bread all day long. On my first day, I got an English muffin right off the conveyor belt. It was very delicious. I pretty much get any baked good available. (Joaquin Vidales ‘25)
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