Big Sky Summer Adventure at Last Mountain Distillery

The Big Sky Summer Adventure

The Big Sky Summer Adventure program is ten weeks of fun, running mid June until late August, consisting of a weekly recreation and leisure activity. Astonished! staff plan and facilitate meaningful summer recreation and leisure opportunities intended to explore the Queen City and environs and get Core Members out and active

Last week, The Big Sky Summer Adventure was a road trip to Last Mountain Distillery, Saskatchewan’s first micro-distillery. Astonished! Core Members, staff, family, and friends had a great time touring the distillery and sampling the products. Big THANK YOU to Last Mountain Distillery for hosting us and for their generous donation to Astonished!

Haley + Megan
Scavenger Hunt
Sean + Nick
Nature Trek 

Thank you to the City of Regina for partial funding of the Big Sky Summer Adventure program through the City of Regina Sports and Recreation stream grant

Amanda + Cassandra 
Summer Literacy

Summer Literacy

Summer Literacy is a safe, comfortable, and most importantly fun place for Core Members to enhance their literacy skills with friends. This summer Core Members are reading Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. They are also exploring areas of financial, health, technology, and cultural literacy. Summer Literacy 11 began on July 5, 2023 and runs from 1:00 – 4:00 on consecutive Wednesday’s and Thursday’s until August 23, 2023.
Serena + Avery
Saeyeoun, Dennis, Haley 
Paint the Nature

Astonished! Garden of Wellness

The Astonished! Garden of Wellness program takes place in a community garden located in the south area of Regina, close to the University of Regina.  Astonished! Core Members use the accessible raised garden beds to grow flowers and vegetables.  Each Monday afternoon, Core Members, gather at the garden and participate in a variety of activities. These include painting, meditation, building a birdfeeder, making salads, etc. Being in outdoor accessible spaces is one of the joys of summer. This program offers Core Members the opportunity to engage in activities that promote well-being, gratitude, and physical expression within the beauty of nature.
Jamie + Jenali

University of Regina Practicum Students

Each semester we have University of Regina students join our team. It is a mutually beneficial opportunity to learn together. We are happy to introduce you to Saeyeoun Hong and Jenali Dave.

Saeyeoun Hong

Hello everyone! I am Saeyeoun Hong, and I am an international student from South Korea. I am in my Bachelor of Kinesiology degree as a fourth-year student majoring in Human Kinetics at the University of Regina. I am glad that I am completing my fieldwork at Astonished! In my free time, I love to watch movies and listen to music, and I played archery in South Korea. I am grateful that I can do fieldwork at Astonished! because I can experience and learn more than I did at University. I love to support and help others, and Astonished! is giving me such opportunities to do so. I am undecided about my future job, but I am looking for things I have been wanting to do through this placement. Thank you so much, Astonished! for helping me get to know myself more and more. I am so excited to look forward to the future fieldwork.

Jenali Dave

Hello everyone! My name is Jenali, and I am excited to complete my fieldwork as a placement student at Astonished! I am in my fourth year of Bachelor’s in Kinesiology, majoring in Human Kinetics. I am eager to apply the knowledge and skills I have gained throughout my academic journey. 

In my free time, I like to spend time with my friends, and I enjoy relaxing by watching Netflix and exploring different shows. I also love painting as a way to express my creativity.

It is an honour to be part of such a remarkable organization dedicated to empowering individuals and making a positive impact in their lives. Through my practicum experience, I hope to learn and grow alongside the Astonished! team while also making a meaningful difference in the lives of our Core Members. I am passionate about promoting physical well-being and fostering a supportive environment for personal growth.

I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to the incredible journey ahead! 

Word Up Summer Poetry Showcase + Just Write

The Astonished! Social Club had an absolute blast at the Regina Farmers' Market and Poetry in the Park. Word Up hosted a showcase of original work by five local poets. Core Members participated in writing poetry of their own with family friendly writing prompts presented as part of the Just Write initiative. 
Kelsey + Nathan
Core Members

Thank you to the City of Regina | Municipal Government for the Social Development Grant, which partially funds our monthly Astonished! Social Club event

What's Your Style Dance

Astonished! is pleased to partner with the City of Regina in this inclusive dance project. Everyone has a chance to get their groove on and let loose to the music. The summer dance night took place on July 27th at Mamaweyatitan Centre, Regina. Future Dance Nights are posted on our Events page. Come join us and get your groove on.
Amanda + Amanda

Growing Gratitude - Rooted in Strength

Growing Gratitude – Rooted in Strength is the Astonished! Inc. annual Summer (June-July) Fundraising Campaign. Growing Gratitude – Rooted in Strength raises money to fund the innovative and vital work of Astonished! and shares stories of gratitude. Almost 60% of our annual budget comes from generous donors like you. We invite you to support Astonished! and share your story with us. We are better together!  With your help, we are working together with young adults with complex physical disAbilities to reach their dreams, thus creating an innovative and vital expression of social inclusion. All donations of $15 or more receive a charitable tax receipt. The 2023 Growing Gratitude – Rooted in Strength campaign runs from June 1 to July 31.

Your Gratitude Story

We would love to hear your gratitude story. Please send your gratitude story to Bonnie Cummings-Vickaryous.  If you are willing to have us share your gratitude story on our website, please let Bonnie know in your e-mail message. If you would rather not, we would still love to hear some of the things you are grateful for.

To donate to our 2023 Growing Gratitude campaign please click the Donate Now button below:
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