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Welcome to Radiant

Radiant is the new name of the women's program at HCU, previously known as Her-Stir. Over the last several months, Autumn and I have been reimagining the program's role in women's spiritual education and growth. Now, we are so excited to share Radiant with you. Our goal, reflected in the new name, is to help sisters in Christ experience the warmth of God's love and spread His light to the world.
We will continue to offer women's classes on HCU's campus and online, and you will receive this monthly newsletter with a devotional article and a Scripture writing plan to fuel your personal study. In addition, we have some exciting new projects in the works. Keep an eye out for future newsletters to learn more.
The purpose of all of this is you. We want to serve you in your Christian walk in the best way possible. You can help us do that by taking the survey further down this page (or click here). It will tell us what is important to you so we can craft our classes and events around your suggestions.
We hope and pray that Radiant will be a blessing to you.
In Christ,
Melissa McFerrin
Coordinator of Women's Continuing Education

A Soldier's Sacrifice

What or who is important enough to you that you would give your life for that cause or person? Join Melissa as she shares a short thought about the honor – and great cost – of sacrifice.
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June Scripture Writing Plan

Don't forget to make God your priority this month, and every month, by committing at least 10 minutes a day to meditate and reflect on God's Word. A great way to do this is by using a scripture writing plan. The Ruffled Mango produces great plans every month to focus our attention on God's Word. Take a look at this month's plan by clicking below.
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Help Shape Radiant

Radiant is up and running! We're gathering suggestions for teachers, topics, and formats for the next few years, and we want YOUR input! Who are the exceptional ladies' class teachers in the Shoals area? What subjects would you love to hear about? Is there anything else you want us to know? Share your thoughts with us!
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Upcoming Events

July 11 - 18: TITUS Camp. Learn more or register your kids here.
August 8: Heritage Event with Bo Jackson and Home Free. Buy tickets here.
September 13 - November 15: "High Impact, Low Profile Women of the Old Testament" women's class. Join us Mondays at 6:00 pm on HCU's campus.
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