Honeymoon Bliss for Mrs. CRO.ME
Honeymoon Bliss for Mrs. CRO.ME

(a.k.a. Mrs. Meg Crosby)

Ray and I celebrated our recent nuptuals at NIHI, on Sumba Island, which has to be one of the most idyllic honeymoon destinations on Earth!
NIHI isn't just for lovebirds. Whether you seek thrilling escapades, intimate moments of relaxation, or a harmonious balance of both, this untapped Indonesian island has something for everyone.


Each of our mornings started with gentle ocean breezes and the sounds of waves crashing on the shore. We didn't want to leave the villa (wink, wink), because accommodations at NIHI are nothing short of extraordinary. Each villa is meticulously designed to provide the utmost privacy and comfort, plus panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.
If you do decide to leave the room, the resort offers a range of activities tailored for adventure, relaxation, and everything in between.  Explore the crystal-clear waters on horseback like I did with Elton John, the horse, of course!  Discover hidden waterfalls on a private hiking excursion or surf the crashing waves on one of the most exclusive beaches in the world.

Top row, from left: local artwork and textiles; me posing at the Spa Safari; dessert offerings at jungle dinner.
Second row, from left: views of plunge pool and ocean from our villa; traditional building adornments; Elton John, my horse friend on the beach.


The Nihioka, the Spa Safari experience was by far my most favorite activity. It truly was a transformative experience. The program is designed to combine the healing power of nature with personalized spa treatments and holistic wellness practices and it is sure to impress any self-proclaimed spa brat, like me!  
Upon arrival, guests are greeted by the friendly staff and introduced to the philosophy of the spa. An initial consultation is next to assess your individual needs and goals. Then a customized itinerary is created.. and I mean customized. I was able to incorporate five different techniques into my experience with different styles of massages, natural ingredients, and traditional Sumbanese practices. 
Then we were guided down the cliffs to the "tree house" for a quick bite to eat and a plunge in the pool. When ready, you're escorted to your private spa casita. My casita was two stories with a bathroom, outdoor shower, two treatment tables, and swinging bed overlooking the ocean. After my treatments, I was brought back for a cup of ginger tea before returning to the resort. What an incredible sanctuary and perfect place to connect with the natural beauty of Sumba Island

Top row from left: views on the way to my spa casita; enjoying ginger tea after treatments; view of pool at Spa Safari; the welcome sign for Spa Safari; variety of treatments listed at welcome area; view from my treatment table at Spa Safari.


One of the most extraordinary features of NIHI is its commitment to sustainability and community engagement. Guests can take part in the resort's unique cultural experiences and connect with the local Sumbanese people, learn about their rich heritage, and contribute to their sustainable development initiatives.
During our stay, we witnessed a traditional Sumbanese dance performance and it was such a neat experience to see the elaborate costumes and listen to the traditional music. 
NIHI promotes the work of local artisans, providing opportunities for guests to explore and purchase traditional Sumbanese art and crafts. You can find intricate handwoven textiles, wood carvings, and other traditional artworks, each with its own cultural significance.
The most beautiful feature is NIHI Sumba Foundation, a philanthropic organization supporting the local communities in various ways. Its initiatives aim to improve access to quality education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. You can tour the foundation during your stay and even teach English lessons at a local school.  

Top row, from left: NIHI welcome area; me enjoying breakfast on the beach; traditional wood carvings. Bottom row: Sumba women weaving textiles; me swimming with the horse, Elton John; Ray and me enjoying lunch at a waterfall.


A stay at NIHI is pure bliss, from lavish villas to world-class service, every moment was tailored to perfection. We were in awe over the fact that an unspoiled paradise like Sumba Island still exists in the world today – and we were so happy to experience it as Mr. and Mrs. Crosby. 

Above, from left: Sunset views from our villa; a daily note from housekeeping on our bed; more views from our villa

Nihioka Trek & Breakfast plus 20-minute reflexology


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