Oct. 4, 2022 | Volume 111 | No. 13
Oct. 4, 2022 | Volume 111 | No. 13
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Rotary Club of Oklahoma City

OKC Rotary News

October 4, 2022 |  Volume 111 | No. 13
In-Person and Livestreamed from Christian Life Center - St. Luke's United Methodist Church | 11:55
Livestream Available 11:55am

National 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline 

Heath Holt Hayes resides in Oklahoma City and serves as the Chief Communications Officer for the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Heath’s responsibilities are focused on leading a cross-functional team engaged with strategic initiatives that include policy implementation, program development, and service delivery, as well as community organizing, governmental affairs, and public relations.

Chair of the Day: Brenda Jones Barwick
Invocation: Charlie Smith
Introduction of Guests:  Ann Ackerman
Pledge/ Song Leader: Randy Grau
Attendance Scanning / Greeting:  Josh Dougherty, Rick Vermillion, Bill Orr
Registration:   Evan Walter, Emily Stratton
Roving Microphone:  Lezel Safi
Menu:  Spinach salad, Grilled Vegetable Salad, Meatloaf, Pork Chops, Glazed Carrots, Mashed Potatoes 

In the News

If you have good news - honors, awards, new achievements - to share with the club, please let us know!

Club 29 Breakfast 

Quail Creek Country Club | 7:00am | Wingspan Room
2022-23 Co-Chairs - Susan McVey and Bud Oehlert 
October 6, 2022   
Blu Hulsey -  Overview of Fossil Fuels


Is Polio Making a Comeback?

by Freda Deskin, Ph.D. 
Most people have heard of polio (poliomyelitis), but only the older generation has seen the effects of this crippling disease. The polio virus primarily affected young children as it struck the nervous system and caused severe muscle weakness and spread person-to-person causing paralysis and even death. Only those growing up in the 1950’s remember lining up at school, by class, to take the first vaccine in a shot form.

Before Dr. Jonas Salk discovered the very first polio vaccine in 1955, polio was considered
incurable. Families and children lived in fear of getting polio and being disfigured, placed in an iron lung or destined to a life on crutches or in a wheelchair. A few years later, Dr. Albert Sabin, put a weakened version of the vaccine in a sugar cube that proved effective. Of course, children preferred this method of the delivery of the vaccine. Recent research shows the vaccine in shot form is recommended as it is less likely to be contaminated.  READ MORE


A Message from President Wes Milbourn

Fellow Rotarians: 

At the Sept. 27 luncheon meeting, we shared some news about a conversation that began over two years ago. Prior to the pandemic, it was clear to our administration committee, budget committee, and board of officers and directors that a dues increase would be necessary for the club to maintain a balanced budget. With the arrival of the pandemic, we were able to delay that conversation. As we’ve seen a return to normal club operations, meetings, and service, we’ve also seen an increase in almost every expense of the club due to inflation and we were forced to revisit the conversation. At the recommendation of our administration and budget committees, the 2021-2022 board of officers and directors approved a dues increase of $15 per quarter, or $5 a month, effective January 1, 2023. 

Please understand that we do not make this decision lightly. Our club has not seen an increase in our operating dues since 2008-2009. In the 13 years since, we’ve seen an increase in dues we pay on your behalf to our Rotary District, and we have seen an increase every year in dues from Rotary International. That doesn’t take into account the many other expenses associated with operating our club that have slowly continued to increase annually. Since our last dues increase 13 years ago, several factors allowed us to keep from increasing dues including our staff cutting costs where possible and moving the Rotary office to significantly decrease expenses.  

On behalf of the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 boards, I want to thank all of you for your understanding and commitment to our club. The Rotary Club of Oklahoma City is able to continue our legacy of service to our local and global community because of the strength of our dedicated members. 

Thank you, 

Wes Milbourn
President 2022-2023 

Auto-Pay offered for Rotary Club Invoices

 If you would like to have a credit card on file to charge your Rotary CLUB invoices, please contact the rotary office.

Annual Dues Payment Offered

 If you would like to switch from quarterly to annual billing for Rotary CLUB invoices, please contact the rotary office.

Rotary AfterHours

October 11, 2022 | 5:30-7:00
El Coyote Cantina & Bar
925 W. Britton Rd.

Cash Bar - Bring Guests!

Rotary Magazine - October 2022

The recent detection of poliovirus in New York and the UK is a wake-up call for countries where the vaccine-preventable disease has not spread for years. It is a stark reminder that as long as polio exists anywhere, it is a threat everywhere. In this issue of Rotary magazine, read how a reengineered vaccine is lifting hopes that global eradication is closer than ever. Then, be part of history and help us build awareness on World Polio Day on 24 October.
Click here to read the October 2022 issue.
Rotary, of course, remains as committed as ever to responding to the Ukraine crisis. In another of this month's features, you'll get an intimate look at the story of a family of Ukrainian refugees and the Rotarian in Poland who gave them more than just shelter — told in their voices and through powerful photography.
In the Our World section, you'll find six tips on how to provide comfort and care for members — so they can, in turn, better serve their communities. And finally, in the Our Clubs section, we'll introduce you to one club in Australia that is going back to Rotary's foundations to engage young corporate professionals eager for opportunities to give back. 

Upcoming Events

December 2, 2022 - Salvation Army Bell Ringing
January 10, 2022 - Winter Party
April 30, 2023 - Memorial Marathon Service Opportunity

Address Changes

Please report any changes in business or home here.

Rotary Club 29 Online Directory - APP available in the App/Play Store

Rotary Club 29 has an online membership directory which contains current content information for all club members. The link to access the Club 29 directory can be found at the top of  the home page of  okcrotary.com or by clicking  here.

OKC Rotary has provided this tool as a convenience  to help members stay in touch with one another. The online directory,  just like the printed roster, should only be used for Rotary purposes.  If you need help in accessing the directory,
please email the office.  


October 11, 2022 -  Bill Hancock, Executive Director – College Football Playoff
October 25, 2022 -  A Conversation with Lee Allan Smith 


September 27, 2022  -  Online, In-Person, Makeups: 188
Total Present and Makeup:  33% 

October 3, 2022 -  598

Celebrating Years of Service in Rotary Club 29 - October 2022

These Rotarians have been members of Club 29 from 43 years to 1 year.  


Happy birthday to those Rotarians born in October!   

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