makazine 2023


Yesterday marked 10 years of J.MAK HOSPITALITY!
We couldn't have built this brand – and had so much fun doing it – without you. Thank you for being a part of J.MAK

We'll be celebrating all year by injecting our HOSPITALITY.PERSONALITIES into everything we do.
You'll find the J.MAK team on the cover of the new MAK.AZINE, and you'll find our partner HPs on each page, so you can get to know them better.
And this year, we want more facetime with you, so we'll be bringing Chez.MAK events to a town near you because we LUVYA!!


And, in case you missed it, this year we celebrated our J.10 supporters who helped J.MAK HOSPITALITY reach this milestone.
In addition to the J.MAK team, we recognized...
Top Row:
Michael Birnbaum, Jon's husband who encouraged him to start J.MAK
Mike Freed of Post Ranch Inn, J.MAK's first partner and mentor
Ori Kafri of J.K Place, a big supporter whose hotel group has grown alongside J.MAK

Middle Row:
James McBride of NIHI, an early partner who encouraged J.MAK's playful approach
Marcos Chaidemenos of Canaves Oia, a loyal partner who exemplifies the quality and personality that the J.MAK portfolio is all about
Jocelyn Sibuet of Maisons & Hotels Sibuet who shared enthusiasm for the J.MAK approach and whose stylish hotels were pivotal in establishing and growing the J.MAK portfolio

Bottom Row:
Michael Holtz of SmartFlyer who coined "J.MAK" and has been a driving force of encouragement
Chatham Bars Inn a constant partner, from pandemics to high times, which has flourished as a result
Brad Korzon of Proper Hotels, whose growing portfolio marked a major milestone for J.MAK, doubling our reach across the U.S.

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