Issue 300 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 300 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 300 September 30th, 2023

300 Issues!

Today marks the 300th issue of Amateur Radio Weekly. That's almost 6 years of newsletters. Thanks to all of you whether you're skimming the headlines or clicking the links and finding useful information. I appreciate your interest and enjoy doing this each week. Here's to another 300!
73 K4HCK

Top links

Meet the Raspberry Pi 5
Increased CPU performance and a significant GPU performance bump.
SparkFun Electronics
Air Force seeks to explore terahertz radio
One of the last frontiers in military RF communications.
Military Aerospace Electronics
Crushing spurs with better bandpass filters
The results were really good.
SolderSmoke Daily News
Junk box loading coil
This coil covers 40M through 17M.
From Amateur Radio operator to creator of the Smith Chart
Phillip Smith, an Amateur Radio operator working at Bell Labs, devised a chart that even today can help engineers understand the behavior of transmission lines.
All About Circuits
WSPR Watch version 4
A long overdue re-write of the app in the modern SwiftUI framework.
Marxy's musing on technology
Dipoles–A domestic secret weapon
The dipole is the oldest antenna—Herr Professor Heinrich Hertz used a dipole in his 1888 experiments.
Bit by The Black Widow: a 15 meter Moxon Antenna project
The Moxon is an 2 element Yagi style antenna that boasts of a low takeoff angle and high front/back signal to noise ratio.
MMDVM-based projects to merge into one Open-Source project
Many of the long-term bugs in the software have been fixed.


How to read VOACAP charts
Understanding propagation charts.
Broken Signal
Radio texting the easy way
Simple web chat over APRS using DigiPi.
KM6LYW Radio
HF APRS & HF Winlink on ANDROID devices
A new Robust Packet TNC called the Teensy RBR TNC.
Off-Grid Ham Radio OH8STN

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