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Oral Surgery Associates: One of Pasadena’s Oldest Partners!

In our previous newsletter, we highlighted Anderson Dental Lab and the exceptional services they provide us and our patients to this day. This month, we’d like to mention another one of our dedicated partners: Oral Surgery Associates (or OSA).
Oral Surgery Associates
Pasadena Family Dentistry has partnered with Oral Surgery Associates since 1996. We have referred countless patients to them for their expertise and care including our families, staff, and friends.
It’s very important to us to work with specialists that provide great information to our patients. This allows them to choose the best option for them and receive care that is coordinated with the dentistry we provide. This ensures the most seamless experience possible, even for very complex treatments necessary to restore the smiles and oral health of our patients.
Pasadena Family Dentistry with Dr. Anton and Dr. Seeba
When we first connected with Oral Surgery Associates, it was truly love at first sight. These men and their staff have servants’ hearts, whether they are providing care to our patients or partnering with us in charity to care for our community. For example, they have worked with Lighthouse Christian Ministries, Hope Clinic, and Dentistry from the Heart.
From left: Dr. Seeba, Dr. Bailey, and Dr. Anton
First established in 1969 as the very first oral surgery practice in Clear Lake, Drs. Michael Anton, Brent Bailey, and Garett Seeba maintain a high level of experience in performing a wide variety of oral surgeries and related services. This includes extractions, dental implant surgery, bone grafts, treatments for facial trauma, anesthesia, and much more.

If you’re in need of oral surgery or similar services, look no further than Oral Surgery Associates! Feel free to visit their website to learn more as well.
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