In the stillness of winter, there's so much to discover.
In the stillness of winter, there's so much to discover.

Coming Right Up - Saturday February 3 Online Program, with a recorded talk by Toni Packer

Beginning at 1:30 p.m. (ET), this Satruday's online program will have a timed sitting, followed by a recorded talk by the Center's founder, Toni Packer and then a group dialogue. 
In her talk, Toni speaks of human similarities and differences, that human beings have a common history and share many similarties, but each human mind is different from others. She asks how to live in harmony and not let these differences divide us. Then she suggests that if there is in this moment a listening, an in-touchness with what is here, that's not filtered by our preferences and idiosyncracies, there can be a wholeness, a directness, of seeing and being. 
Hear the talk from February 1995 on the Center's YouTube Channel.
Join the Zoom meeting using THIS LINK or
Meeting ID: 289 037 6188
Passcode: 7179

The program is freely offered, but donations in appreciation are certainly welcome. Please use the button below and choose the “Online Sittings/Programs Contributions” option to support  Saturday Programs.
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FEBRUARY 10 - 17, 2024 

This seven-day collaborative retreat offers the same opportunity as other online retreats for timed and open sittings, breaks, daily group dialogues and one-on-one participant meetings. 

What's new is that teachers who are present will give the opening talk only. Retreat participants will have the opportunity to give one of the daily morning talks. A sign-up sheet for giving a talk will be available following the orientation on opening day. The retreat schedule is available here
There are sliding scale rates for members and non-members that can be found here.  

We hope you can join and explore together this new kind of retreat. It's an excellent opportunity to share with others insights from your own life and experience of meditative inquiry. 

Register for Feb 10-17 Online Collaborative Retreat

Bob Dattola will facilitate the February 24 All-Day Sitting and the March 1-5 Four-Day Retreat 

Both events are in-person and online. Please note that only a few spaces remain for in-person attendance in the March retreat. Apply soon if you wish to attend. 
To register for these events, please use the buttons below. 

Bob Dattola has been involved with Springwater Center since its inception and in addition to leading retreats, he has been serving as a trustee for many years. This link brings you to a talk given by Bob at the November 2023 retreat. It starts with Bob going into the question "What is Right? What is Wrong?" He then goes on to say: 
It comes often when there is indecision about doing the right thing. Going back and forth. 
Or feeling guilty about something done in the past.
On a world level there is always the question of countries attacking other countries. Who's right and who's wrong? It’s a complex question. In religion such as Christianity there are the Commandments. In some Buddhist traditions there are precepts that are supposed to help us know what is right and what is wrong. But is there any such thing as absolute right and absolute wrong? 
Register for February 24 All-Day Sitting
Register for March 1-5 Four-Day Retreat with Bob Dattola

Quiet Weeks February 20-29

Quiet weeks offer an opportunity to create a personalized retreat while the Center enters into a modification of its day-to-day working life. There are many possibilities to meet with the Center's teachers in both group and private settings. One can register to attend all or part of the Quiet Weeks.

In stepping away from busy lives, participants have found this time spent alone with oneself, in the quiet and beauty of Springwater, to be refreshing. To register to attend all or part of the Quiet Weeks, please contact the Center -
See more information about Quiet Weeks. 

There's much more ....

Visit the website, to find information about the meditative work of Springwater Center, its history, membership, retreats and teachers, and staying as a guest or volunteer. There's the Calendar of in-person and online events for this year, as well as a calendar of Online Offerings, including morning and evening sittings.
The Center's work happens with support from its friends and members. Visit the Give page to contribute and find information on how you can help. 
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