Newsletter March 2023
Newsletter March 2023
who's ready for spring break? 
If spring skiing/snowboarding in the sun on fresh powder is what you're after, we've got you covered!  Caveat - perfect resort weather comes with LOTS of snow removal and the occasional need for a crowbar to pry frozen dog rope toys from the snowblower.  
This spring also brings the new amendments to AG 49A that will go into effect May 1st, 2023.  Full history of AG 49 by Bobby Samuelson
Think of New West as your trusty crowbar as we untangle how the new AG 49A amendments will affect our industry.  Contact me for carrier specific product information and transition dates.    
Check out the rest of our newsletter for more on the industry. Look for quick one-page sales ideas under new west shorts.  You can always go to our website for the latest carrier information (updated every week) under Product News & Updates.   
Melissa Church
Director of Marketing
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Columbus Life 
Live Webinar: Speed and Performance with Indexed Explorer Now
On March 31, 2023 Join Director of Sales Support Eric Striet as he discusses the current market for insurance products with expedited underwriting and where Columbus Life’s new solution, Indexed Explorer Now fits for clients who want speed and ease without sacrificing quality product design. 
John Hancock
Leverage the Power Of Three
Protection VUL with John Hancock Vitality PLUS and our Long-Term Care (LTC) rider offers a powerful three-in-one solution that can help your life insurance clients protect their wealth and health for a lifetime. Protection VUL with LTC - security matters
  • Flexible death benefit protection gives clients the option to select the NLG duration that best meets their needs and budget
  • John Hancock Vitality’s unique value proposition can help clients live a longer, healthier life while also lowering their guaranteed premium without sacrificing their death benefit guarantee duration
  • Extra financial protection in case of a long-term care need, with the choice and control offered by our tax-qualified LTC rider.
Lincoln Financial Group
Attend a Special Event: Get Your Client to ‘Yes’ – Overcome Obstacles to Change
Join us for an exclusive brokerage event! Hear Dr. Jonah Berger, author of The New York Times bestseller, The Catalyst: How to Change Anyone’s Mind, discuss the five key barriers to change and how to help guide clients toward a better outcome – even when the pushback is strong. 
Mass Mutual
Consistently Strong Historical Results
View this client-friendly brochure which shows how MassMutual’s DIR has delivered competitive results with substantially less variability than the investment options typically available in Variable Universal Life and Index Universal Life Insurance policies.
National Life Group
Life Insurance Distribution Solutions Within Qualified Plans
3/22/23 CE Opportunity – Managing your Client’s Personal Finances Like a CFO
This presentation is aimed to help advisors take a different look at approaching client portfolios by understanding the value that strategically used debt can bring. Financial professionals will come away having a better understanding of how to use debt more strategically to benefit their client’s overall portfolio and offer them access to cash. Register Now!
North American
Women’s History Month
Share North American’s brand new content with your female clients and prospects!

Looking for tips and strategies for better engaging women as clients, customers, and decision-makers? Don’t miss your chance to register for an upcoming webinar featuring an industry thought leader and renowned author.
Lifetime vs Averages Sales Idea
Your clients aren’t average, their long-term care protection shouldn’t be either. Some carriers claim that your clients don’t need LTC protection beyond the average length of care. But preparing for an average length of a care can leave a large, costly gap. Use this client approved presentation
Pacific Life
Where Will You Find Your Next Client?
Build your professional network to help build your life insurance business. A large majority of new clients of life insurance producers are found via referrals from strategic alliances such as CPAs, estate planning attorneys, property and casualty agents, etc. Check out Building and Nurturing Strategic Alliances with Professional Advisors to get started.
Better Term Rates & New Pricing on UL
We’ve just repriced our Classic Choice Term product to make term insurance even more affordable for your clients. Learn more about our new pricing – including transition rules 

We’ve also made key changes to our pricing for Lifetime Assurance UL and Advantage Choice UL guaranteed universal life products – making it even more affordable for your clients to have permanent coverage. 

Reimagine your cash value life conversations 
Cash value life insurance can be a flexible option for multiple needs for many clients. While the death benefit provides valuable protection, any cash value can offer possibilities beyond what we traditionally suggest. Check out these updated resources to reimagine the possibilities with opportunities to reposition assets or savings. 
Why Is the Special Needs Market Worth Exploring?
By understanding the extra challenges families with special needs individuals face, you can help them prepare for their financial future with a personalized estate plan. Parents welcome your advice so they can ensure their love lives on. Special Needs Resources
Cancer diagnosis? A preferred rate is possible
At Symetra, we believe cancer patients deserve the opportunity to obtain affordable life insurance coverage. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our Preferred Cancer Program.  For clients who were diagnosed with one of seven qualifying cancers the opportunity to earn up to a Preferred rate.  Preferred Cancer Program
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