How did you spent your mini grant price?
How did you spent your mini grant price?
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In 2023, PSA gave out raffle tickets to each member that showed up at the PSA monthly member meeting. The winner received $100 to use on any art related project.  Here are some of the ways our members spent their winnings.
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 What did you do with your mini grant price?

I was pleased to receive the $100 mini grant from PSA in September 2023.
I used the money to purchase new and different colors of embroidery thread to use in new studio projects. This  collection of vibrant thread has inspired numerous creations on canvas and on linen. 

                                                    Victor Picou

I used my mini-grant to purchase four 12x16” Ampersand Claybords.  I wanted to try a different surface for my collages and paintings which I usually do on canvas or paper. These boards have a smooth surface which stood up to my print transfer technique which includes a lot of rubbing and scraping. I love the way the board’s surface takes paint and pencil as well. They’re cradled so I can hang them up unframed. I now prefer to work on this surface  Thank you PSA!
                                              Barbara Bennett
I was thrilled and felt lucky to win $100. My mind immediately started thinking about how I could use the money. It was tough to decide, but I ended up being practical and used it to help purchase a much-needed light. I borrowed lights from friends before, but it was getting old. With the award, I finally bit the bullet and purchased my own light. Now, I feel more flexible and can pursue more work that I hesitated to do before because I didn't have the proper equipment. Thank you, PSA, for the wonderful prize. It made my day, my  week, my month, etc, etc. etc. 

                                               Cyndi Bemel

Here is how I spend my $100 on my art development:
1.Ticket to Norton Simon Museum.
2. I Bought the book "The Blue Four Collection, at the Norton Simon Museum" which focuses on the Galka Scheyer collection of one of my favorite painters: Lyonel Feininger, Alexei Jawlensky, Vasily Kandinsky and Paul Klee.
3. I bought a glass mosaic cutter for my new adventure in mosaics.

                                                    Darien Donner

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