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March 2023 | Third Quarterly Release

Dear Hedgehogs,
The Spring semester brings much anticipation and excitement. The Office of Student Services understands you are encountering a multitude of priorities, including interviews, tests, courses, and placement implications. We also know that March provides the opportunity to dive deeper into your practice and actualize your teaching journey.  As you prepare for these next few weeks, we hope you find time to rejuvenate, while also giving you a chance to catch up and breathe, as you embark on the last phase of the residency program. We recognize you are in the midst of edTPA and coursework requirements, so please know the Office of Student Services is here to support you if additional assistance would be helpful. We also understand things continue to be challenging, please know we are here for you!  We hope that you have a wonderful spring season.
The following highlights, reminders, and updates aim to provide access to information related to Alder GSE. 
Please reach out to with any questions. 
Student Services Highlights
Commencement Information: The Office of Alumni Affairs is excited to celebrate your achievements during our Commencement Weekend: June 3-4, 2023. For up-to-date information about the ceremonies or your regalia, please visit this LINK HERE. On Monday, you received an invitation survey for your guests. Please forward the email to your family and friends - or fill it out on their behalf - by Friday, April 17. If you have any questions, email 

Tax Information: We are now in the midst of tax season! Refer to the 2022-2023 Tax Resources for Alder GSE Residents for the information you need to ensure you are aware of the tax implications for the 2022 year. If you have additional questions regarding your taxes, please reach out to

Form 1098-T – Tuition Statement: Alder has now sent a 1098-T Form to all applicable students as of January 31st. If students have a question about this, please reach out to Student Services.

*Reminder: Please note that under IRS rules, there is no Form 1098-T required for students whose qualified tuition expenses are paid entirely with grants and scholarships. If in 2022, you had grant and scholarship funds that fully covered your Summer and Fall term tuition, then you will not receive a 1098-T for 2022.

Form 1099 – Misc. Income: Your TK-12 Partner will provide you with a 1099 Form that reflects your living stipend payments.

*Reminder: For 1099 Form inquiries, you want to connect with your respective TK-12 Partner’s HR department.

W2- Tax Form: If you are classified as an employee, your TK-12 partner will provide you with a W2 form. Don't hesitate to contact your TK-12 partner for more information.
Alder GSE Store -- Check out the Alder Swag Store- Here! 
"Making the Residency Work" Regional Resource Guides
The Student Services Team has developed regional Making It Work resources that are supportive, aid in financial and mental health wellbeing, are available in your local community, and focus on ensuring capacity to make the residency work. Access the resources by region below:
Friendly Reminders
  • From your Enrollment and Credentials Team: Make sure you’re on top of your Preliminary credential requirements by viewing this 3 minute Loom video and reach out to us with any questions at We are here to support you!
  • Financial Aid:  If your Fall GPA (Cumulative) was above 3.25, but you did not receive the Federal TEACH Grant for Spring 2023 you applied for, please contact the financial aid office at
Wellness Corner: Promoting wellness through healthy lifestyles and support services.
We all deserve some hope and joy despite the struggle. Here is a list of recent movies that highlight the best in humanity, whether you’re looking to decompress or feel inspired by the messages. This list is compiled from the Greater Good Science Center at Cal Berkeley. 
Cal Alerts- This system was created by the California Governor’s Office of emergency and intended to alert and educate California residents about emergency situations. 
The Dark Side of Being Obsessed with Productivity- This podcast is part of a series of intriguing topics with memorable takeaways. This episode in particular, discusses the relationship between happiness and time. Check out the link to learn more! 
TimelyCare- The service will provide access to 24/7 medical and mental virtual health care from anywhere in the United States, with no cost to visit!  Licensed providers are available to offer medical and mental health support via phone or secure video visits via the TimelyCare app or your computer. Check out the resource above to learn more! You can access Timely Care by going directly to We highly recommend downloading the application on your phone.

Thrive and Succeed -

Words From Those that Came Before You

"Wow. During this time of year, I remember being in the midst of EdTPA, completing a research project for one of the courses, and STILL needing to pass the RICA! I was dealing with so much procrastination when it came to EdTPA and coursework. I taught A LOT in the classroom and my students always came before any coursework/studying however, I learned that if I really wanted to be their teacher I needed to prioritize the workload in front of me. This meant speaking up for what I needed. Luckily I had a very dedicated and encouraging Director that provided the warm demander I needed to get things done. By advocating for what I needed, my director was able to help me create a plan, create a space and time in which to complete the work. She regularly did check-ins about the progress of how much work I completed. My cohort was also very encouraging and checked in on me or provided resources that were helpful to them that might be helpful to me. I really leaned on them when I became overwhelmed and because we were all in the same boat we were able to understand each other and encourage one another. Like Dory says: just keep on swimming. It seems like it will never get done, but trust yourself, ask for what you need, and get it done." - Frania Ramos-Arce, Aspire Public Schools, 2018-2019 Cohort
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