What's New in Drones, Cruise Ships, Scams, Spatial Computing, and Much More
What's New in Drones, Cruise Ships, Scams, Spatial Computing, and Much More
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  March 2024  
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Our office will be closed on Friday, March 29th and Saturday, March 30th. We will reopen on Monday, April 1st at 8:00am.
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Drones Deliver Lifesaving Blood
Check out the fascinating drone technology that's delivering blood to hospitals in Rwanda, saving lives, time, and money.
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How Big is the Icon of the Seas?
The world's biggest cruise ship holds 9,950 people. See how its size compares to icons like the Titanic and Eiffel Tower.
New FCC Robocall Rules for Nonprofits and Others

ROBO Calls - Download Images to View In the past, unlimited non-commercial robocalls to residential landlines — including those made by tax-exempt nonprofit organizations — were allowed without the prior express consent of the called party. That's no longer the case. Under current FCC rules, up to three such calls can be made in any consecutive 30-day period without prior express consent. Organizations wishing to exceed that limit may do so only by obtaining your consent through an opt-out mechanism, which may be activated by voice or by pressing keys.
Social Media Scams Will Be More Convincing

Scams - Download Images to View It's expected that in 2024 there will be a significant rise in social media scams. Cybercriminals are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to create social media content that closely mimics genuine posts. This is concerning since they can more easily manipulate individuals into unknowingly sharing personal information or clicking on malicious links, leading to identity theft.

We advise you to be cautious about engaging with unknown entities on social media, and regularly review and update your privacy settings.
EBilling - Download Images to View eBilling is Good for You
and the Environment

Are you still receiving your Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative bill in the mail and paying it by writing a check? If so, consider switching to eBilling and handling bill paying electronically instead. It will save you time and money. Plus, it will help reduce paper use, which is good for the environment.

Call us at 608-586-4111 if you have questions.
Dig Into Gardening Tips  
Dig Into Gardening Tips
Grow your knowledge with expert tips on caring for flowers and vegetables, managing pests and weeds, and more.
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Dollars and Sense  
Dollars and Sense
You'll find expert-reviewed articles on budgeting, investing, mortgages, insurance, economics, and banking.
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Easy Easter Crafts  
Easy Easter Crafts
March celebrates National Craft Month and Easter. Time to make adorable eggs, baskets, wreaths, and bunnies.
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Healthy Freezer Meals
Make and freeze Teriyaki Chicken and Rice Bowls, Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Tacos, Meatball Soup, and other dishes.
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11 3-Ingredient Desserts
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to make desserts including Chocolate Ice Cream, Oreo Mousse, and Peanut Butter Cookies.
peacocks showing off peacocks showing off peacocks showing off  
Peacocks Show Off
You'll be impressed by the enormous feather displays of these male peacocks, each with its own color combination.
art outside the box art outside the box art outside the box  
Art Outside the Box
This art is amplified by unique framing techniques, such as cracking the glass in front of a "boy swinging a bat" drawing.
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Tips and Hacks from Plumbers
Take advantage of instructions from seasoned plumbers to easily solve common problems like leaks and clogs yourself.
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Remove Heat and Water Stains
Do you have stains on your wood furniture? Find out how to remove them using items such as an iron, mayo, and toothpaste.
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