Celebrate milestones with your St. Luke's family.
Celebrate milestones with your St. Luke's family.
The monthly "St. Luke's Celebrates" newsletter helps St. Lukers connect to one another as we navigate life together. 
We wish a very Happy Birthday to all our St. Lukers! Click the button below to help us celebrate the next few months of birthdays. 
Congratulations to Sean and Julie Young on the birth of their daughter Savannah Rose, born on October 5. She is the granddaughter of St. Lukers Jerry and Pat Young. We celebrate with them as they are overjoyed with this blessing of Savannah Rose.
On Nov 21, Logan Stallone was baptized. Joining the baptism was his family including his mother Heather and father Anthony. Welcome to our St. Luke's family, Logan!
On November 21, Paige Williams was baptized. Joining the baptism was her family including her mother Natalie and father Matthew. Welcome to our St. Luke's family, Paige!
On November 21, Elsa Orta was baptized. Joining the baptism was her family including her mother Carly and father Harold. Welcome to our St. Luke's family, Elsa!
Jakob Nunez-Warden was baptized on November 14 during our Veteran's Day service. Jakob is a 2021 graduate of Olympia High School and has enlisted in the USMC. Jakob will begin training in December. Joining him were his mother's, Gina and Jossie, as well as his little brother, Lukas. Welcome to the St. Luke's family, Jakob! 
We appreciate the faithful commitment St. Lukers make to St. Luke's ministries. Click the button below to help us celebrate the next few months of church partnership anniversaries.
The following people took their 
Partnership Vows
on Sunday, November 14 

Kelly Gray
Kathy Massee
Kelly Cullen
Danielle Heider
Carly Orta
Harold Orta
Melinda Lis
James Lis

Please join us in welcoming these
                      St. Lukers to the family!
St. Luker Tom Lake passed away on October 10. Tom has been a part of the congregation since 2007. He loved attending worship services and especially enjoyed musicals here at the church. A private service will be held at a later date. Please keep his Daughter Linda, and his entire family in your prayers. 
St. Luker Bob Barrett passed away on Nov 1. Bob and his wife Bobbie have been partners with St. Luke’s since 2009. Bob was a well-respected attorney and cared deeply for his church and community. A private service for Bob was held in November. Please keep Bobbie and the entire family in your prayers.
St. Luker Tamiko Harrison passed away on November 12. Tamiko has been a partner with St. Luke’s since 2004 and was just shy of her 95th birthday. She is beloved by all, especially her Harbor Chase family and our Care visitation team. A private service will be held at a later date. Please keep all those touched by Tamiko in your prayers.
Marie Bonnette, the mother of St. Luker Chris Bonnette, passed away on November 15 at the age of 97. Marie loved attending St. Luke’s with Chris and her daughter-in-law Karen and enjoyed being a part of the senior gatherings. A small memorial service was held at St. Luke’s on December 2 as the family prepares to honor her with a large memorial service in her hometown of New Orleans in the near future. Please keep the Bonnette family in your prayers.
Jerry & Loretta Aldrich Celebrate Their
61st Wedding Anniversary
Jerry and Loretta Aldrich were born and lived through High School in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York in two different towns about 17 miles apart. Actually, closer to Montreal than New York City. Their families spent the summers camping on a recreational lake where an active social life was enjoyed by all teenagers. 
This was the common ground where they met, fell in love, and were married the year following high school.  Jerry was between Air Force base assignments and time was limited so an elopement during the transfer is where their marriage started on October 31, 1960.  
Loretta gave up her job as a licensed hairdresser and life together started in southern New Hampshire. After three years and two children later, they took up residence “back home” and work was provided by a New York state correctional facility. 
After moving to southern New York for work at three different correctional facilities, they packed up their small U-Haul trailer and traveled to Orlando in September 1966 in their 1965 Mustang. 
Martin Marietta provided their first Florida employment until Walt Disney World seemed like an opportunity with more possibilities a few months before the Magic Kingdom opened.  
They have resided in Orlando ever since except for a nine-month temporary assignment in California and a two and one-half-year hiatus for a very enjoyable side trip to Paris, France.
After 27 years Jerry retired from Disney and became an entrepreneur continuing to work as a consultant in the amusement industry. 
Loretta and Jerry have a son and a daughter, both living on the west coast of Florida with their families. A ninety-mile trip on the interstate is a welcome change from either a 10-hour airplane or automobile trip in the past to enjoy family time together. Along with their children, they have seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. 
The Aldrich's have been partners at St. Luke’s since January 1986 and have enjoyed the community of believers they have had the opportunity to worship with and make many lasting friendships. 
It is a well-utilized saying but with plenty of truth that 61 years have passed quickly. They have been blessed to be allowed many enjoyable experiences along the way. Are fortunate to have many friends around the world and are even more fortunate to have been blessed with good health that has allowed them to take advantage of many unique opportunities. 
They are also fortunate to be married to each other and have had the opportunity to enjoy life’s experiences together.
Congratulations to Jerry and Loretta on 61 wonderful years together as husband and wife. Blessings to both of you.
First Annual ZOE 5K
We ran and walked for children who walk miles to live. The first annual Zoe Empowers/St. Luke’s UMC was held on November 13 in downtown Windermere and we had virtual walkers as well, from as far away as Michigan.
We met our fundraising goal of $8500 and we have partnered with another empowerment group of 80-100 children in Zimbabwe. These children will be identified in the coming months and we will have a list of their names and ages and a photo in the spring of 2022, which we will share on our church website.  
To date, St. Luke’s UMC has partnered with over 1000 children, in eleven and one-half full empowerment groups.  Over 325 households have been able to be a part of this life-saving and life-changing empowerment model thanks to the generosity of our congregation. Other families, individuals, and Bible study groups associated with St. Luke’s, including the United Methodist Women and our own Children’s Ministry have also partnered with empowerment groups of their own, resulting in over 1500 more children being a part of the Zoe Empowers program.  
We’ll see you next year for the second annual Zoe Empowers/St. Luke’s 5K. In the meantime, remember what Shackmore of the United Family Empowerment Group said in response to hearing that our church members would pay money to walk or run a 5k distance. He was incredulous and responded “walking is my hustle…if I do not walk, I do not eat.”
We are grateful for your generosity!
Olympia High School agriculture students are caring for and nurturing plants to benefit the Grow It Forward network. They will bring these plants into a thriving state to be sold at the Saturday market. Proceeds will benefit the network as well as the agriculture department at the school. Thank you Olympia for helping us to Grow It Forward!
Pictured left to right are Louise Pitts, Connie Falbo, Trevor Ocock, Amy Fritz-Ocock, Julie Combs, Val Dobson, and Lisa Crump, Care Visitation Team Coordinator.   
St. Luke's Celebrates Newly Commissioned Care Visitation Team Volunteers!
Congratulations to five newly commissioned Care Visitation Team members. Julie Combs, Val Dobson, Connie Falbo, Amy Fritz-Ocock, and Trevor Ocock were commissioned on November 16 at a special ceremony. They join Louise Pitts and Care Visitation Team Coordinator, Lisa Crump, in working alongside the pastors to provide loving care for our church family during times of illness or hospitalization and to also serve as the hands and feet of Jesus for those that need spiritual and/or emotional support. They care not only for those who are hospitalized, but also those who are in independent or assisted living, nursing homes, and those who may be homebound. They provide a listening ear and provide support in meaningful ways by using their unique spiritual gifts and sharing their own life experiences as they walk beside those in need. Congratulations to this amazing team of trained Care Ministry volunteers! If you have an upcoming surgery scheduled or know of someone who may benefit from a visit from a member of our Care Visitation Team, please indicate on your Connection Card on Sunday or contact the Care Ministry office.
This month's featured Staff Shout Out goes to
St. Luke's Director of Adult Engagement,
Caryn Royer 

Caryn used a tile scrubber in the Welcome Hall to clean up after the flood to make things look great as people came in.

A BIG SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE who stepped up to organize the volunteer effort and all those who volunteered to help clean up the Building C Welcome Hall after the flood. Awesome work, we are so blessed by your efforts!
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