Possibilites to come together online, and possibilties to join staff
Possibilites to come together online, and possibilties to join staff
December 9 Saturday Program
Join the Zoom meeting this Saturday, December 9 from 1:30-4:30 PM (ET).  A timed sitting will be followed by a talk by Springwater Center’s founding teacher, Toni Packer. A group dialogue follows the talk.
In this Saturday program talk, Toni Packer speaks about starting from not knowing who and what we are. The talk can be found on Springwater Center’s YouTube channel, Talk by Toni Packer. 
In it she says, We're not aware of all our beliefs and assumptions about ourselves, and each other, and the world, and God, and faith, and religion.  So the first question is, can the mind empty itself of all of that so that truth, or reality, what is, can be perceived, can be here undistortedly?
Join the Zoom meeting using this link: Direct Access Link or contact the Center at info@springwatercenter.org for the meeting codes. 
More information about Toni can be found on her teacher page of Springwater Center’s website
The program is freely offered, but donations in appreciation are very welcome. Please use the “Donate” button below and choose the “Online Sittings/Programs Contributions” option.   

Welcoming a returning staff member and an invitation to consider being on staff 

We are happy to announce that the financial position has been filled. We welcome Erica Finch back to staff. Erica will also continue their role as Online Coordinator.
We are potentially still in need of someone in Housekeeping and certainly in need of Repair and Maintenance which includes grounds keeping and maintenance of buildings. An interest in learning skills is as important as having them.
Seeing the value in the work of meditative inquiry helps one in living and working at Springwater Center.
If you are interested in learning more please contact Susan Esons at info@springwatercenter.org.

Online morning sittings will continue during Center Closing December 15-25

The 7-7:55 a.m. (ET) online morning sittings will continue while the Center is closed for the staff break. Please do not plan to visit during the closure. The Center will reopen on December 26. See the Online Offerings Calendar for a schedule of sittings. 
All on staff wish everyone a joyous and peaceful Holiday Season.

Join the New Year's retreat with Wayne Coger Online

Dec 29, 2023-Jan 2, 2024
This retreat with Wayne Coger is full for in-person attendees, with a lengthy wait list, but there's ample space to attend online. 
Visit Wayne's web page for more information about him and to access talks and articles.
In one article titled "Meditation and Political Involvement" he writes
The world of separation is painfully lonely and it is from this loneliness that we attack and fight one another. The ground of open and affectionate listening is seeing how we really are, that in the deepest sense we are not divided. It is admittedly rare to hear political discourse that isn’t charged with bias and partisanship — with “me”-ness. But where do we begin? Is it possible, in the quieting of the emotional storm, to listen freshly? Is there the interest and openness to try something new, something that is not growing out of our usual habitual reactiveness? Then there might, might, be a coming together that is friendly and unexpected and new.
Please use the button below to register for the retreat online.
Register for Online New Year's retreat with Wayne Coger

January 20 Online Only All-Day Sitting with Stephan Bielfeldt 

This All-Day Sitting with Stephan will be online only, beginning at 8:30 am (ET). There will be timed sittings, a talk by Stephan and a group dialogue. For more information about Stephan, including recorded talks and articles, please see his web page
Stephan has an interest in how meditative work meshes with everyday life. In his booklet "How can awareness flourish in daily life?" he asks
...what makes it so difficult to be in the here and now when we are with our family or at work? Can we explore this carefully together, without knowing the answer? Let us discover together the hindrances as well as the wrong expectations we have, about what it means to be aware in our everyday life.
Use the button below to register to attend the All-Day. 
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Coming up next year

Check the website calendar for a listing of next year's events. There's something for everyone, near and far, in-person and online. 
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