Issue 299 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 299 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 299 September 23rd, 2023

Top links

Real-time video from a high altitude balloon
Using an RF4463 to put out 1W of FSK on the 70cm band.
Practical Antennas
Homebrew antenna projects based on over 50 years of building and experimenting.
Practical Antennas
Six things I learned after becoming a CW operator
Things that no one told me about or I thought couldn't possibly apply to me.
Is a 20m antenna also resonant at 2.4GHz?
Can you get WiFi on that?
Ham Radio Outside the Box
Altoids tin spy radio goes solid state
The design is centered on a custom oscillator board.
Imaging TV satellites with a DIY radio telescope
The result forms a heatmap image of satellite transmissions in the sky.
Visiting the Inmarsat communications groundstation
Normally closed to the public, there was an open day for the 50 year anniversary.
Lithium battery fire risks: Sorting it out
Is the danger real, or a big nothing burger?
Off Grid Ham


The death of the 1/2 million watt transmitter
A view into a fading long wave station.
Ringway Manchester
Stealth Ham Radio antenna the HOA will never find
Chameleon CHA Porta Mast with CHA Hybrid Mini.

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