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Regional Operators Turns to Analytics

Building optimal crew pairings is a highly complex task that is not only crucial for the costs of the airline, but also for pilots and cabin crew in terms of creating good working conditions regarding duty time, fatigue risk and 'sit times' - to mention just a few aspects. The sequence of flights means a lot to the crew.
Once an airline reach a certain size, there are of course good direct savings to be made on the monthly planning results, but it turns out there is so much more to capture in the mid-term. A recent change in the industry world-wide is that also regional operators are more frequently utilizing advanced decision support and optimization. Kim Rowland, Director Crew Resources and Crew Planning, at Republic Airlines explains: 
"A regional operator is typically assigned a share of flights from their mainline partners. The assigned flights may not fit with current crew base distribution, block time might be skewed over the day or over the month producing less than optimal schedules. By using detailed what-if analysis and flight retiming functionality in the pairing optimization step, for the next bid period as well as upcoming periods, it is possible to work with adjusting upcoming flight schedules with our partners as well as align our crew in a better way", Kim says. "We're in this together with our mainline partners and producing alternative plans quickly and efficiently to evaluate objective metrics means a lot for improving the overall results. In fact, it could produce several percent of improvement in regards to cost and efficiency."
In the US alone, Expressjet, MESA, Skywest and Republic Airline, and several additional regional operators, with over 1,100 aircrafts between them, all recently joined using Jeppesen Crew Pairing. If you work with crew planning and are curious what leading decision support and optimization can do for your airline, please drop us a message here and we will arrange for a benchmark. Welcome!

Last Chance for a Free Copy!

Last month we announced we are handing out a batch of free copies of CrewAlert Pro to flight safety professionals.
We are overwhelmed with the interest this spurred in starting to use leading bio-mathematical modelling (CrewAlert contains a full version of BAM), and have decided to add another batch of free promo codes. 
So... if you have not yet applied, and have a genuine interest in fatigue risk management, and bio-mathematical modelling of fatigue risk, and have a work title within a flight safety department or a regulator, you can still receive a free copy. Please apply through this link.
We are providing the free copies on a first-come-first-served basis. Please note that CrewAlert Pro runs exclusively on iPhone or iPad on iOS 10 or later. Enjoy!
Apply here

Business Travel Made Easy - Going East

We are all unique as individuals, yet  similar in how we respond to travel across time zones and a certain sleeping pattern. Science has been widely available on this topic since many years, but it is not always straightforward to apply the right strategy.
Obviously, airline crew has an upper hand here on less frequent travelers through their personal experience, but also with the applied rostering practicies providing suitable rest periods and availability of dedicated tools for preventing and reducing fatigue risk.
For a business traveler, here comes another shot at providing guidance; please find attached a PDF document (link) summing up 'advice' when traveling east.
What are your own best tips and tricks for heading east? Did we miss out on anything? Drop us an email, and we will evolve this version over time. Stay tuned for a paper on westward travel. 

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