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Welcome Pobeda!

Pobeda, the Russian low-cost airline and subsidiary of Aeroflot, has decided to implement Jeppesen Crew Pairing, Rostering and the Boeing Alertness Model. Pobeda, meaning ’victory’ in Russian, is a fast-growing airline with its main hub at Vnukovo International Airport, and a current fleet of twenty Boeing 737´s with another 19 on order.

Efficient, fast and safe crew scheduling is extremely important to us”, says Giorgi Tsilosani, Head of Jeppesen Crew Program at Pobeda. “Equally important, are the analytics capabilities that the Jeppesen solutions provide, feeding in to our decision making”, he adds. 
“We are thrilled and honoured to be selected by Pobeda to support their growth with our optimization and analytics capabilities”, comments Dmitry Kolb, Sales Director at Jeppesen.

Read more here about Jeppesen Crew Pairing, Jeppesen Crew Rostering and our Fatigue Risk Management portfolio.

Jeppesen Concert - Exciting Enhancements

Jeppesen Concert is the cloud based solution that operators can use, with any crew management solution, for assessing fatigue risk throughout the roster production process - and it is strengthening its position day by day. In just the last few months these capabilities have been added:
  • Additional safety performance indicators to monitor and analyse
  • Faster processing of large data uploads; more than 1000 monthly rosters processed per minute
  • Improved interactive alertness plot with fatigue causes
  • Additional adapters further simplifying integration
  • Upgraded version of Qlik, allowing for even deeper insights into your data (video here)
Jeppesen Concert comes with a free two-month trial period when signing up for a subscription. Take the opportunity now to make a full assessment of your operation using the industry leading capabilities for predictions and reporting. Read more in this PDF and please contact us through this email for a trial.

Fatigue Management Seminar & Workshop

ISS seminar/workshop
Please join Jeppesen FRM experts and a range of other international speakers & delegates to talk about the practical application of Fatigue Risk Management. Hosted by Integrated Safety Support, this event on 12-14 March includes a one-day seminar format followed by a two-day practical workshop focused on the aviation industry. A special ‘early bird’ pricing is in place until October 22nd only. Learn more about the event, the speakers & agenda, and ticket details via this link.

A Best Practice for Fatigue Risk Quantification

Understanding and improving upon the situation for crew fatigue risk in an operation is of course greatly simplified with a well thought-through way of quantifying this risk. To some extent one can use fatigue reports, collected data and crew feedback after-the-fact, but what is the best practice metric for the fatigue risk in upcoming crew pairings and rosters to operate next month?
Please find here a PDF with background to proposed best practice metrics, assisting you to make a real difference for your overall fatigue risk. 

Meet up with the Jeppesen experts:

OCT 8-10: Jeppesen Crew Connect Users Conference, Lisbon
OCT 26-28: TASM 2018, Istanbul
NOV 8-9FRMS Forum, Guangzhou, China
NOV 22-23: FRM Training Course, Montreal
DEC 4-5: FRM Training Course, Gothenburg
MAR 12-14: Fatigue Management Seminar & Workshop, Singapore 
APR 22-23: Flight Operational Forum, Olso 
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