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Message from the President
Greetings friend, and welcome to the June edition of the Comfort Connection!

Comforts of Home – Care first opened its doors to clients January 2006.  The past eight years have literally flown by!  We’ve experienced a lot of changes as we have grown.  It has been our express privilege to help over 1000 families to date!

The more families we reach, the greater our circle of friends has grown.  At the same time, we also realize how many people do not even know services like ours exist.  For adult children of senior parents, knowing can make the difference between floundering or flourishing through a difficult time. 

That’s why we send out this newsletter each month.  We know most of you may not need our services today, or perhaps ever, but I continue to hear comments like: “I wish I had heard about you five years ago!  My mom wouldn’t have had to move!” 

The more people we can tell about what we do, the more options they will have and out of that a better quality of life!  You may be the missing link between us and your friend who needs to hear about us.  It may be a simple as forwarding this email! 

You may have heard about the new Canadian Anti-spam legislation, effective July 1st.  We want to stay in touch with you, but need you to do one thing – click here

We appreciate all of you and would love to continue to send you our warm fuzzies every month!

Katherine Peters
President & CEO
Comforts of Home - Care

What's in the June issue?

Tom and Hilary plan a much-needed vacation to the tropics. As Hilary is on a business trip the week before, they agree to meet at their destination. Click here to find out what happens next! 
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Internet scams to steal personal information and perpetrate identity theft are at an all time high—and the senior population is especially at risk. Click here to learn about phishing scams and how to recognize them.
The heat of summer is here, which makes this a good time to review some vital safety tips for seniors.  Elderly persons are more prone to the effects of heat and at greater risk for dehydration. Click here to read about how to stay safe in the heat of summer!
Support Group Opportunities
We're very pleased to be able to share with you these support group opportunities offered by Ruth BZ Thomson. Click here or on either of the posters above to visit Ruth's website. 
Like Comforts of Home - Care, Ruth is a member of Quality Senior Services (QSS) a group of professionals and businesses dedicated to providing quality products and services to seniors. 
262 Marion Street | Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 0T7 CA
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