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Etihad Airways Selects Jeppesen

Etihad Airways, the highly prestigious five star-airline from Abu Dhabi, has selected Jeppesen for crew planning and fatigue risk management functionality. The agreement includes Jeppesen Crew Pairing, Jeppesen Crew Rostering, Jeppesen Crew Bid and usage of the Boeing Alertness Model (BAM). BAM will be used in real-time with the crew planning optimizers to reduce and distribute fatigue risk as crew schedules are being constructed. Peter Watson, Account Director at Jeppesen comments:
"We are thrilled by Etihad now joining in as a crew solution customer. After a period of demonstrating the value of Jeppesen Crew Pairing, Rostering and BAM in a very detailed proof-of-concept, we are excited to now enter into the implementation phase. We hope to have Etihad up and flying the new improved crew rosters soon and look forward to serving them for many years to come."
“By adopting Jeppesen’s crew solutions, we are confident that we will be able to respond and adapt quickly to the ever-changing airline factors and constraints within our operations,” said Rick Allen, Senior Vice President Operations, Etihad Airways. “Our crew team will also appreciate that their preferences are considered as we develop crew schedules, as we will now be able to publish crew schedules farther in advance.”
For more information about Jeppesen Crew Solutions, please follow this link

Jeppesen Crew & Fleet Development Partners Forum

On April 17, leading crew management experts from 35 operators world-wide gathered in Gothenburg for the annual two-day Jeppesen Crew & Fleet Development Partners Forum. The content this year offered the participants a 'smorgasbord' of 26 different sessions with deep-dives into topics such as; Cloud Solutions for Flexible and Scalable Optimization, Crew Lifestyle Bidding, Automatic Solving of Operational Disruptions, Crew Pairing and Manpower Integration, Operational Robustness, and many more.
The event, held annually since 1999, focuses on in-depth value-centered discussions and prioritization of upcoming development efforts aimed at enabling operators to build and operate the best possible crew schedules. The term 'best' here includes quality of life aspects for crew, cost to the airline, productivity, flight safety and robustness.
Several of the sessions, as roster quality is of utmost importance, indirectly touched upon the topic of fatigue risk management. A dedicated FRM session was also held, looking into real-time reduction of fatigue risk during pairing and roster optimization. Please find through this link a methodology paper that was shared in the session, explaining how a set of rules can be re-aligned to better match human physiology in order to enable improvements in both risk and crew efficiency. The methodology is the same one used for one of the first derogations within EASA which allowed an operator to increase maximum duty time with over 16%, while reducing fatigue risk. Enjoy. 

Come Join our Team!

Jeppesen is quickly gaining market share for crew management solutions world-wide. Our crew solutions are now playing a vital role in deciding upon the detailed work content day-by-day for some 430,000 crew around the globe. The center of excellence for crew solutions is placed in Gothenburg Sweden, but we also have crew solution offices in Montreal, New York, Singapore and several other locations. Please consider joining our dynamic and diverse team of passionate professionals focused on developing, implementing and supporting the best possible solutions for our customers. Please keep a close eye on vacant positions through this link. Right now we are, for example, looking for Business Consultants, Optimization Experts, and Software Engineers. Welcome!

Meet up with the Jeppesen experts:

JUN 13-14: FRM Training Course, Montreal
OCT 9-10: FRM Training Course, Gothenburg
OCT 8-10: Jeppesen Crew Connect Users Conference, Lisbon
NOV 22-23: FRM Training Course, Montreal
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