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Welcome BA CityFlyer!

BA CityFlyer, a wholly owned subsidiary of British Airways with their head office in Manchester and main base at City Airport in the heart of London, has decided to implement Jeppesen Concert and the Boeing Alertness Model for use in their fatigue risk management system. 
“Concert will provide us detailed quantification and tracking of fatigue risk using industry leading science”, says Russell Harvey, Head of Operations at BA CityFlyer. ”Concert is also a quite powerful business intellegence platform enabling us to monitor a wide range of safety performance metrics across our entire crew management process and supports the ongoing development of our Fatigue Risk Management programme”, he adds.

”We are very happy to welcome also BA Cityflyer among our growing number of customers adapting our analytics platform designed for gauging the crewing process, and we look forward to supporting them for many years to come”, says Joost Können, Sales Director at Jeppesen.
More information about Jeppesen Concert can be found here. Please contact us over email for a demo and a trial.

EASA FTL/FRM Workshop in Cologne, May 24

The FTL/FRM Workshop arranged by EASA in Cologne at the end of May attracted 180 people and provided a lot of useful information. The full day event contained four panels with 23 different presentations from various stake holders and operators.
Among others, Finnair presented their process behind obtaining approval for reduced rest on LHR as an example of an Individual Flight Time Specification Scheme (ITFSS). From Jeppesen, we shared best practices for producing safe and efficient crew rosters, highlighting the importance of roster stability, allowing for crew influence, providing for diversity and how to best put BMMs to use in the crew management process. The picture here illustrates, via an adaption of Rasmussen's "space of possibilities", how BMMs can efficiently serve as a counter-gradient for improving the margins to unsafe conditions. The full Jeppesen presentation is available here as a PDF.
You can find all 23 presentations from the meeting via the EASA event page.

CrewAlert Pro now Shines on iPhone X

CrewAlert Pro, the most comprehensive app for fatigue risk management, has been updated to look absolutely stunning on iPhone X, utilising the full screen estate.
We are constantly hard at work to refine CrewAlert Pro for the best experience by airline crew and FSAG members”, says John Gustavsson-Sangsta, Lead iOS Developer in the Scheduling Safety team at Jeppesen. “This new version contains a number of optimisations in usability and performance. The new format for iPhone X is particularly useful in landscape mode when viewing and working with the roster and scenarios”, he adds.  

CrewAlert Pro contains an unlimited version of the Boeing Alertness Model and allows for fatigue predictions, data collection, developing fatigue mitigation strategies, analysis, fatigue reporting and many other features. CrewAlert Pro is available on the iTunes Appstore for a one-time fee of about $30. Enjoy.

Think Big, Start Small

Creating a well-functioning FRMS from scratch may seem like a daunting task. You will need to establish several new internal processes and deal with politics, but also acquire suitable and affordable tools supporting your analytic capability. Regarding the latter; did you know that you can start up an FRMS with some of the leading tools from Jeppesen at virtually no cost at all - and then upgrade as you require?
CrewAlert Pro, available for a one-time fee of just $30 on Appstore, contains a full version of the Boeing Alertness Model (BAM) and is a very powerful solution for a Fatigue Safety Action Group. Take a look here at the use-cases covered and drop us an email if you would like the specification for integrating CrewAlert Pro into your operation over a simple-to-implement interface.
If you then add to the above the usage of Jeppesen’s free data collection, you have a very competent set-up using leading science at virtually no cost at all. Later, in case you would like to add more holistic analysis capability and suppress risk directly in your crew schedules produced, you can upgrade with Jeppesen Concert and BAM tightly integrated.
Think big, start small. Please drop us an email here if you would like us to get in touch with more details or a demo. Welcome.

Meet up with the Jeppesen experts:

OCT 8-10: Jeppesen Crew Connect Users Conference, Lisbon
OCT 25-16: FRM Training Course, Gothenburg
NOV 22-23: FRM Training Course, Montreal

Have a great summer! The FRM News Flash is back in August.

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