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Swiss International Air Lines up and Running With JCT

The beginning of October marked another milestone for Jeppesen Crew Management Solutions. Swiss International Air Lines, users of Jeppesen Crew Pairing, Rostering, Manpower Planning and FRM for many years, went live with a critical crew solution: Jeppesen Crew Tracking (JCT). To replace a crew tracking solution in a 24/7 operation is a sensitive change, but enabling change was actually a key reason for the installation in the first place:
"The pace in which the market is evolving is increasing for each year and requires us to not only deal with change, but excel in initiating and driving change as well", says Daniel Silvestri, Head of Operations Planning at Swiss International Air Lines. "The change management capabilities built into RAVE and the integration potential between crew planning and crew tracking systems were key reasons behind selecting Jeppesen for this important part of our operation", he adds.
A crew tracking solution is used for ensuring legality, feasibility, managing costs and quality aspects of crew rosters, from publication to day of operation. For Swiss, over 5500 crew are managed in JCT and the crew scheduling staff are automatically alerted on any crew related issues in the operation, whilst dispatching around 500 flights daily.
“Going live at Swiss with Jeppesen Crew Tracking was as uneventful as we had planned and hoped. It was a couple of exciting days with a lot of hard work for everyone, but it was just as smooth and timely as you would expect in a country that has made time-keeping something of a national sport", says Björn Samuelsson, Product Manager at Jeppesen.
Please find more information here about Jeppesen Crew Tracking. [Picture above: full concentration by a Jeppesen and a Swiss employee during production setting.] 

A Successful 25th Users Conference in Lisbon

The 2018 Connect Crew and Fleet conference in Lisbon, hosted by TAP Air Portugal was a great success. With nearly 200 crew and fleet professionals representing 42 operators (and Jeppesen) from all over the world, this forum is the largest gathering of crew management expertise in the industry.
Some highlights from the presentations included British Airways talking about their switch from bid lines to Strict Seniority PBS, SAS describing the implementation of lifestyle bidding, SWISS reflecting upon the recent Crew Tracking go-live experience (see more above), UTair highlighting the benefits they have seen from implementing Crew Pairing, Qatar Airways presenting innovative prototyping on their FRM process and Cathay Pacific explaining the complexities of their 747 freighter pairing problem. It was a truly great conference, the 25th in succession, and we are all already longing for next year's event when the gathering will be located in Dubai.

Analysis Mode in CrewAlert Pro Explained (Short Video)

Analysis mode in CrewAlert Pro allows a user to quickly position to a 'virtual time' - and then perform detailed analysis of a situation using the Boeing Alertness Model BAM at that moment.
This can be used for analysis of predicted body clock time, sleep debt and investigating fatigue causes and safety performance indicators for a fatigue report, incident or accident. In this short video here you can see how the functionality is used for the Mangalore accident.
Please find more information here on safety performance indicators and the fatigue causes functionality in CrewAlert Pro. Enjoy. 

Best Practice Fatigue Risk Prevention in Rostering

Practical and useful guidance on how to best reduce crew fatigue risk when constructing crew rosters from a given time table, and for a given amount of crew, is hard to come by. There are many considerations and complexities involved, and crew planners have only limited influence on what is being produced in, often, highly automated production processes. So what mechanisms and considerations are needed to manage risk in an efficient way? Please find here a PDF with our take on the current best practice for preventing and reducing fatigue risk in crew rostering.
(Did we miss out on anything of importance? Drop us a email on and we will amend for our next version.)

Meet up with the Jeppesen experts:

NOV 8-9FRMS Forum, Guangzhou, China
DEC 4-5: FRM Training Course, Gothenburg
MAR 12-14: Fatigue Management Seminar & Workshop, Singapore 
APR 1-3: Flight Operational Forum, Olso 
MAY 14-15: Jeppesen Crew and Fleet Developer Partners Conference, Gothenburg 
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