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Welcome Travel Service!

Travel Service, the biggest Czech airline company, operating charter flights and scheduled flights under the brand Smartwings, has joined the quickly growing family of operators using Jeppesen Concert, CrewAlert and the Boeing Alertness Model (BAM) as part of their FRMS.
"Travel Service has operations around the world serving some 400 airports, regularly supplementing the operation of other airlines with a wide variety of different business models. We have selected Jeppesen Concert and BAM in order to have state-of-the-art science, monitoring and analysis capabilities supporting us managing and reducing fatigue risk", says Martin Fort, Safety Manager at Travel Service. "The analysis capabilities of Concert are truly remarkable and this platform also enables us to track a large number of other important KPIs in our crew management process", he adds. 
Jeppesen Concert, a cloud-based analytics solution quantifying crew fatigue risk using BAM, does not require local installation and integrates easily to the most common crew management solutions. Concert can be up and running in just a few days delivering insights on fatigue hotspots and trends using several years of flown and planned roster data. You are welcome to contact us here for a demo.

Can't See the Forest for the Trees?

Is your FSAG getting caught up far too often in discussing last week's roster of the 'chief pilots brother'? Or the details of one of your far too few fatigue reports? Or a few flights each month that you have planned below some arbitrary limit that you, or a model vendor, have drawn in the sand that's supposed to separate 'safe' from 'unsafe' based on a bio-mathematical model? And then spending your precious time investigating and trying to improve on this?    
Well... if that is the case, we have some bad news for you; you are staring right into a tree, missing the forest altogether. Now why would we say that?
  • Even though a bio-mathematical model (BMM) is so much better at reflecting human physiology than traditional rules, the accuracy of BMMs is of course limited when predicting into the future. This because they are under-informed, not perfect and subject to the inter- and intra-individual differences of the crew.
  • The above results in fatigue risk increasing continuously, and in an accelerating way, as the predicted alertness approaches zero. There is no sharp threshold on that curve separating good from bad. Fatigue risk is present at much higher alertness levels than you would think - since the predictions will not capture spot-on how fatigued the crew really are.
  • This in turn will mean that every flight carries a small probability for crew performing a lapse, slip, mistake or violation (human error) as a result of low levels of alertness. Every flight.  
So, if you truly want to make a difference in reducing your company's risk for the next fatigue related incident or accident, you will need to step back from that tree and start working with quantifying and reducing the overall fatigue risk. The best usage of a BMM is to suppress that overall fatigue risk during planning and operation, but also for improving your rule set both internally as well as with your regulator. So step back from the tree, contact Jeppesen, and let's have a dialogue on how to make a real difference to your operation, while preserving, or even increasing, your crew efficiency.
Our apologies if we ruined your day, and please pass our regards to the chief pilots brother ;-)
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