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Welcome Royal Air Maroc!

Royal Air Maroc, the distinguished Moroccan national carrier, the wings of Morocco, has chosen Jeppesen solutions for supporting their crew management process. The agreement covers the implementation of Jeppesen Crew Pairing, Rostering, Tracking and the Boeing Alertness Model (BAM) for use with crew planning optimizers. 
"We will reshape our crew management process to draw fully from Jeppesen analytics capabilities", says Mr Driouiche Mohamed El Mehdi, VP Organization and Information Systems at Royal Air Maroc. "Our expectation is to improve roster quality, efficiency and operational robustness by several percent, while shortening our planning process and reducing fatigue risk."
Steffen Böttger, Sales Director at Jeppesen adds, "We are honored to be chosen by Royal Air Maroc to provide these crucial services. We look forward to deploying the mathematics in our products to build and operate safe and efficient crew rosters for this highly valued customer." 
Royal Air Maroc operates a domestic network in Morocco, scheduled international flights to Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America, and occasional charter flights. The fleet includes 57 aircrafts, among them are six Boeing 787 Dreamliners. 
Picture: the Jeppesen and RAM team during project kick-off in Gothenburg. Please find here more information about Jeppesen Crew Solutions and BAM.

Working Time Society Consensus Paper...

The Working Time Society just recently published a very good 'consensus paper' called Prescriptive rule sets and risk management-based approaches for the management of fatigue-related risk in working time arrangements.
Please find the full PDF through this link. Enjoy.

What Gets Measured Gets Done

The month of June will become fatigue risk analytics month here at Jeppesen. Fully aware that many operators are struggling to quantify and trend their overall fatigue risk, we have decided to issue free 'trial tickets' to Jeppesen Concert.
So, if you are interested in knowing how your fatigue risk has developed in the last couple of years accross your entire operation, and where your hotspots are - please contact us over email here for a trial. We will arrange for two months of access to the now leading solution, Jeppesen Concert, which can be used regardless of what crew management system you currently use.
Please note that seats are limited. The only requirements are that your operation has more than 20 aircrafts, and that you are not already a Jeppesen FRM customer. What gets measured gets done. Welcome! 

Not all Models are Created Equal

At Jeppesen we firmly believe in applying the leading science of human physiology, sleep and cognition to the crew management process for producing crew rosters that reduce fatigue risk, improve crew satisfaction and increase efficiency -- making a real, tangible difference for both crew and airlines. 

The only practical way of applying science in a granular way to these highly automated planning processes, which often includes usage of industry-strength optimizers, is to utilise bio-mathematical models (BMMs) which influence the crew rosters planned and operated. Very few operators are planning their crew manually today, therefore support for automation and optimization in this space becomes a necessity. 

However, not all BMMs are created equal. It is crucial to not only use a BMM with a transparent and peer-reviewed validation, but also one that has the capabilities needed for a smooth and effective application to the crew management processes. The Boeing Alertness Model (BAM) is such a BMM that was built for this purpose from the very beginning, nearly a decade ago. Please find here a comparison matrix enabling a side-by-side comparison of BMMs, to provide helpful insights when you next look to upgrade your FRM capabilities.

Meet up with the Jeppesen experts:

MAY 14-15: Jeppesen Crew and Fleet Developer Partners Conference, Gothenburg
SEP 9-13: Shiftwork & Working Time Symposium, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
OCT 8-9: FRM Training Course, Gothenburg
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