message from Provost | PROFFCourses | cool ideas as summer heats up
message from Provost | PROFFCourses | cool ideas as summer heats up
Faculty Affairs Newsletter
28 May 2020 | volume 1 issue 4
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Congratulations and Thank You
Spring semester 2020 is behind us - this issue of the Faculty Affairs Newsletter recognizes you as the heroes of spring semester 2020. Thank you for each of your contributions to this most unusual spring semester 2020. 
“A lot of my teachers have been very gracious and supportive during this time and as a student, I really needed that. My most positive experience has been seeing how much some professors truly care about their students and their well-being."
- UMKC student, Student Input Opportunity
We Made It!
Provost Jenny Lundgren's video message to faculty.
Provost Jenny Lundgren is seated outside. The video is framed with a view of her head and shoulders. In the background are trees. The video is 4 minutes 49 seconds long.
proff courses summer professional learning
PROFFCourses: Preparing Roos to Offer Format Flexible Courses
As we prepare for fall, uncertainty brings with it many considerations. Faculty Affairs will help you navigate. PROFF Courses will provide a variety of learning opportunities this summer: virtual popups, learning communities, hackathons, Canvas open houses, and an unconference. Watch for a virtual town hall in about two weeks to launch PROFFCourses.
PROFFCourses | Read More
Student Input
The Teaching Evaluation and Teaching Enhancement Task Force asked students and they told us how faculty communicated, offered support, continued to provide the structure of courses amidst uncertainty. This qualitative survey has had over 500 responses where students told their stories. The survey closes at the end of the week. 
COVID 19 Impact: High School Students and Finance
The transition from high school to college during the COVID-19 crisis is bound to be challenging. For first-time college students starting this fall, there are many uncertainties. 
A Junior Achievement and Citizens Bank funded-survey shows that 69% of high school juniors and seniors are concerned about the financial impact of COVID-19 on their families. Nearly half (44%) of high school juniors and seniors said that COVID-19 has impacted their ability to pay for college and many will take out loans. Almost one-third (30%) said that COVID-19 will affect when they start college.
Read more | High School COVID 19 Study
Undergrad You
When most faculty went to college, they had posters on their walls and a typewriter on their desk.
pie chart showing what faculty brought to college most popular is a tie between typewriter and posters
Undergrad You | Learn More
Undergrad You | Take the Survey
Cool Idea: YouTube Channel for Students by Students
Students from Psychology Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program at San Francisco State University created a YouTube channel to foster wellbeing, social connectedness, and creative collaborations among individuals with diverse backgrounds, cultures, expertise, and perspectives. They made the channel for the 1.3 billion students from more than 100 countries who were learning remotely to feel connected and comforted.
link to YouTube channel
Facing Pandemic: Solidarity & Storytelling across Differences
Free, open-access online learning community to support students and faculty who want to examine this pandemic through an intersectional lens and share their own perspectives and experiences 
Omprakash | Facing Pandemic
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