Trying Again! A New HDP Website
Trying Again! A New HDP Website

Trying Again! We hit a glitch with the links and what was working, was then wasn't, but now they are! Thanks to a reader for letting us know. Now you will find links below to our new site. Sorry for hitting your inbox twice!

Making It Easy For You

We shared last month about the evolution of High Desert Partnership and how we are renewing our commitment to strengthen the local economy, sustain our vital natural resources and promote a livable rural community for all.
We have updated our branding to better reflect our purpose and unify HDP's collaboratives under a shared identity. We chose a table and chairs motif to symbolize what collaboration is all about—coming together with anyone who wants a seat at the table and doing the hard work to find an agreeable path forward. 
Today we're excited to share HDP's new website is live and ready for you to learn something new about collaboration in Harney County. Here's a few images from the site to introduce you to how to find what you're after.

Home Page

Easy To Use Menu

Finding Collaborative Info Is Simple With A

Straightforward Drop Down Menu

See For Yourself, Click The Button Below

HDP Website

Click On A Collaborative's Logo

To Be Taken To Their Web Pages

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