It takes 21 days to form a habit. 

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Week 1: Voting
Today's Challenge: Voter Suppression Today
Yesterday, you learned about voter suppression and its impact on American history and people of color. Today, we are going to learn how voter suppression continues to impact our democracy and disenfranchise marginalized groups. With 2020 being a significant election year, it is important that we recognize the barriers to voting that many people still face and work to eliminate those barriers, so that our representatives and laws reflect our increasingly diverse country.

We Challenge You To Take...

On Tuesday, the state of Kentucky held its primary election. Read this article about what the experience was like for many who were trying to cast their vote. 
Read this article on the systemic barriers to voting that Native Americans face and what steps are being taken to protect the suffrage of Indigenous people today. 
150 years after the 15th Amendment was passed, barriers to voting still remain. Learn about how social media, gerrymandering, access to polling places and other strategies have all been used to limit access to the ballot box.

Have some extra time today? Watch YWCA Nashville and Middle Tennessee's webinar titled Stand Against Racism - Voting in a Time of Crisis. Experts from multiple organizations share their personal experiences and other helpful information about disenfranchisement, voter restoration, and absentee voting in Tennessee. 

Voting Week Action Items

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