stay informed about dates, deadlines and opportunities
stay informed about dates, deadlines and opportunities
Member Memo - August 20, 2019

Assessments are now due.

Assessments need to be paid, in order to be included on the new map.
Tickets are now on sale - please share the link: Wine & Food Affair
Debbie will be sending you a file with photos and posts for sharing on social next week.  Your event poster and flyers were mailed to you yesterday. We've sold our first 100 tickets!

HELP - we're not sure who this is:

Pacifica SR RR LLC - we received an assessment payment, but we're not sure who it's for.

10,000 dollar question...

What winery is in this photo? View outside of an airplane window, on approach to STS. 
Actually no money, just the glory of helping out :-)
Thanks - Beth

Lodgings - Wine & Food Affair

Just a reminder, that if you are putting together an event "package-deal", please add it to our website. Event tickets went on sale LAST week, so we'd love to have specials posted.

Member Outreach

Each Board member has 18 Wine Road members they emailed to introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have about Wine Road. Most emails went out about 2-3 weeks ago.
Please take advantage of that connection to ask questions, or share any ideas you have to make the Wine Road a stronger organization. The more input the Board has, the better job they can do for YOU. 

Please remember to hit the SHARE button on our newsletter, our podcast, and our blog. 

It's easy to just skim the information and move on, but if even half of our members took the extra step of hitting a share button, we could reach new people. You all have different contacts, the more you share the better. 
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Thank You To Our Key Partners

For helping Wine Road continue to be a leader in wine tourism.
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